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🚨 Have You Tried These Coaching Methods with Your Female Clients? 🛑
4/2/2024 3:13:50 PM

[FREE LIVE TRAINING] Achieve Extraordinary Results With Your Female Clients!

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Become a true expert in your field and ignite women!

Have you tried these coaching methods with your female clients before?

â—Ź Helping your clients set goals, only to have them fall short every time.

● Being the best cheerleader in the world but not making a dent in your clients’ confidence.

â—Ź Giving as much empathy and caring as you possibly can, without seeing the changes you both want so badly.

So did Dr. Claire Zammit… until she made a groundbreaking discovery in her own work and doctoral research that uncovered the hidden blocks to women’s power and success—and developed these insights into a unique methodology to get deep, rapid results coaching women.

Dr. Claire Zammit is now the world’s preeminent expert on coaching women, and she wants to share her methodology with you in a FREE LIVE 3-PART WORKSHOP SERIES, the Woman-Centered Coaching Blueprint.

In this free 3-part workshop series, Claire will reveal her most VALUABLE and ACTIONABLE insights that you can implement immediately to elevate your results in your existing work with women.


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As a result of the effectiveness of her method—and the extraordinary results it was producing—Claire quickly became one of the most in-demand coaches, working with 60,000 clients in her paid programs and generating close to 100 million dollars in her business.

Her brand-new free 3-part workshop series is packed with the same quality teachings as her professional certifications.

In Workshop 1: The Woman-Centered Coaching Revolution You’ll discover the highlights of Claire’s groundbreaking research findings and the radical shifts you need to make in your work with female clients to unlock extraordinary results.

In Workshop 2: Breaking Through Hidden Barriers You’ll find out how to rapidly identify and remove your female clients’ hidden barriers to wealth, love, health, confidence, visibility, purpose, leadership, impact and more.

In Workshop 3: The Woman-Centered Coaching Blueprint Claire will reveal the 5 powerful steps of her proven method for getting extraordinary results with women—which is the KEY to raising your rates, increasing your renewals and referrals, and effortlessly attracting the clients you most want to serve!

This is a rare chance to learn from Claire as she shares the exact steps to unlock extraordinary results with your female clients – and generate realincome for you. (It’s time!)

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