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Small Business Funding Agents Needed - 40% Commission- No Startup Fees Required
3/1/2024 5:11:33 PM
Small business funding agents urgently needed. This is
the kind of opportunity that will come your way, once in
a lifetime.
As a sales agent, your job will be to introduce small
businesses to our service. That's right, all your do is
introduce our service to a potential client, through your
personal link. After the introduction is made, the company
takes it from there. If your client is funded, for their loan
request, you will earn a commission of 40%. It is just
that simple, no strings attached.
This business is in the very lucrative field of finance.
No degree is required, no license is required and there
are absolutely no fees of any kind to get started. You
even get free training. You will be in business for yourself
but not by yourself.
Sales experience would be a plus but it is not required.
There is no salary cap to what you can earn. The more
businesses that you introduce to the system, that are
funded, the more commissions you make. What you
earn depends on your effort.
Keep in mind that all of the internal work, applications,
contracts etc. are handled by the company. You don't
have to worry about any of that.
This business is 80% digital and can be run from anywhere
that you have an internet connection. Also, there are other
ways that you can earn commissions that can't be explained
in this letter. If this sounds like something that you would
be interested in please feel free to visit our website and
watch our in depth summary video that will explain the
business opportunity and the compensation plan.
I would seriously suggest that you give this opportunity
some serious thought. I was recently at an AI conference
and, believe me, it was frightening. A lot of jobs that a lot
of people are thinking are safe will be eliminated.
My main question is, why would you not give it a try? Except
for your time, your work ethics and sweat equity, it cost you
absolutely nothing. Be proactive and plan ahead just in case
your job is replaced by AI. If not, it could be an excellent side
gig, for some extra income.
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