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How To Earn The Big Paychecks
2/23/2024 5:21:35 PM
This is a little hand out card I came up with and how to earn the big paychecks with it. .
Start Living Your Great Life Today!
I am happy to be able to introduce you to GreatLife Worldwide.
Only $20 per month qualifies you to earn commissions on 12 pay
levels without ever sponsoring anyone! We have high quality
nutritional products and some of the most in demand lifestyle
digital products in the world. PLUS a powerful marketing system
where you could actually get paid on a million pay levels below
you! Sound too good to be true? This is our 5 minute recorded
introduction 1-720 -708 -1273 You can take our free tour here

I printed them 3 to a page, then took them the printer (Office Max) and had them print 170 copies of it and then cut them to size like the one above. That gave me 510 cards to hand out. You can make as many as you need to get started.

The best way is to talk to people about it, then give them the handout card. We have lots of good things you can talk about. The nutrition products, the digital products, the financial opportunity, the people behind it, AND the financial opportunity where they can get started for a one time cost on only $49 and $20 per month to maintain your membership.

You can say something like this.
Good morning sir, may I talk to you for just a minute. I get paid to read a short commercial
announcement for a new company that you might be interested in. I promise this will take
less than two minutes. Would it be OK with you if I read that announcement now?
Good. Thank you I appreciate that.

I am handing out some of these cards today to people who might be interested in a good way
to earn some extra money. It’s easy to do. You don’t have to sell anything. It will only take you
about 30 minutes to do this and you only need to do it ... about once a week. We have people
who are already earning an extra $100 a week and more with this fast growing young
company and we are just getting started. Would you like to have one of these cards?

Good. This card is for you. When you get home, please call that recorded introduction
number we have on the card. Then if you like that, you can visit our website to get registered
with the company. Thank you for your time. Have a good day!
Don Evans
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