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🚨 New Year’s Opportunities From iAwake® Technologies - On Sale Now! 🎆
12/29/2023 3:20:11 PM
🙋‍♀️ Dear Friend,

The time has arrived for iAwake’s New Year’s Sale! 🎆

Our friends at iAwake® have offered us a beautifully generous New Year’s Sale to help us make this year’s journey around the sun the best one yet!

New Year’s Opportunities From iAwake® Technologies - On Sale Now!

🛑 iAwake’s transformative digital tracks are 30% OFF and CDs are 25% OFF! 🛑

All that is required of us is that we do our best. And the universe will smile upon us.
I think this is a beautiful time to start the New Year with a new commitment to growth and wisdom, compassion and skillfulness. I think New Year’s resolutions are fine things – as long as they are followed with true grit and courageous determination.

They can change the world! So why not?

Changes I have made with the dawning of the new year have been incredibly beneficial on my path, for which I am grateful.

We love you and remember, we are all in this together. The work you do to aid you on your spiritual and evolutionary journey is work that you are doing for me also – and all of us. And remember this, you deeply matter.

-John Dupuy (Founder).
Here are some selected tracks that iAwake’s esteemed Louie Santos has recommended to bless you in this New Year.

👨‍💻 Featured Products:

🎯 Profound Meditation Program 3.0: Access deep, transcendent meditation states, enjoy effortless focus, recover from stress, and experience a more restful sleep.
🗨 "I found myself experiencing sensations that generally take me an hour of meditating to feel, just a few minutes after the beginning of the profound meditation. Bravo!!!" ~ M.E.
🎯 Brain Awake: Boost your concentration, memory, intuition, and creativity.
🗨 “As a psychotherapist, I noticed a direct increase in my ability to sit with individuals in deep pain and feel grounded, settled, and to hold space.” – Lisa Celentano, MA, LMHC
🎯 In Out and Through: Soar into self-realization and unforgettable experiences of great power and beauty.
🗨 "As an experienced hypnotist, I was wowed by the exquisite language of the meditation." ~ M.H.
🎯 Forgetting Not to Remember: Explore meditative or sacred space, do inner work, or simply experience deep, profound relaxation.
🗨 “Wow, I just love these sounds. So many situations to use them: meditation, working, background music… I just love them!” ~ Sina
🎯 Stealing Flow+: Dynamic tools to create amazing flow states in your work and daily life.
🗨 "I love these tracks and use them every day whilst working. They increase my output and help me achieve more effortlessly." ~ KM
🎯 Morning Ritual: Begin your day in the best possible way.
🗨 “From the first time I used Morning Ritual, my life started to shift. It brought my dreams into focus and put me on the path to achieving them..." ~ H.M.
🎯 The Gift of Gratitude: Consciously remind yourself of all you are thankful for.
🗨 “Very effective, and for people who don't already practice gratitude this could change their lives.” ~ Lauretta Goforth
🎯 Strong Medicine: Experience a hypnagogic state between waking and sleeping, resulting in a state of profound rest and renewal.
🗨 "While my experiences differed a bit with each listen, I felt a profound shift each time. This track took me to another place and left me in a great space after using it." ~ Dave
🎯 Neurohacks: Wind down quickly, feel refreshed, enthusiastic, and ready to work, and to recharge and refocus as needed throughout the day.
🗨 "A great little toolkit for many occasions, and I keep all the tracks on my MP3 player for just that reason." ~ Owen, Herbalist and Wilderness Therapist, director of Earth Mind Fellowship
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Here’s sending you great love and healing evolutionary energy. And wishing you a beautiful New Year.


😀 Dg

New Year’s Opportunities From iAwake® Technologies - On Sale Now!

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