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🚨 The “Task-Free” Productivity System! Complete Productivity Measurement System
12/27/2023 3:14:01 PM
Is your team BUSY but unproductive?

The problem is…

Top-down project management muddles work, kills creativity, and leaves your team in the dark.

You don’t need better project management.

You need a productivity system.

That’s what measurement expert Chris Mercer discovered with his own team.

After seeing his employees chronically miss deadlines despite getting tons of “tasks” done…

He took his Project Management process out to the woodshed…

And with the advice of a friend, blended project and knowledge management into one living, breathing system that leverages “old school” concepts like filing cabinets, folders, and weekly planners.

As a result, there’s no more babysitting required.

Employees now communicate with each other to manage their own work dates and timelines while giving him a bird's-eye view into their workload and progress.

Plus, all that institutional knowledge and project info stays put for next time.

Since making the change…

Over 50% of his team members’ time has been freed up – allowing them to execute projects faster, unleash their creativity, and cut stress by half.

So if you’re tired of “conventional” project management (and it’s lackluster results)...

Make sure you check out the latest Free episode where Chris gives an inside look into his complete productivity measurement system.

To higher profits.

🚨 The “Task-Free” Productivity System! Complete Productivity Measurement System

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