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How to Conduct Zoom & Skype Quran Classes Online
12/22/2023 7:12:28 AM
Both traditional teaching methods and, in some cases, their replacement have been replaced by digital platforms that offer efficient and adaptable learning environments. One such area that has experienced substantial change is religious education, where Quran classes are now taught using well-known online platforms like Zoom and Skype. The Importance of Quran's Learning Online Environments:

Improved Communication

Interactive features like screen sharing, video conferencing, and chat options are offered by Zoom and Skype, which enhance the educational process. Students can mimic the interactive style of traditional classrooms by posing questions, taking part in discussions, and working in groups.

Session recording and review

Online Quran lessons have the advantage of recording, which lets students review the material whenever it's convenient for them, unlike in-person classes. This feature comes in handy when reviewing difficult subjects or making up missed lectures.

Resources Technological

Many technological tools can be used in online Quran classes to improve instruction and learning. Interactive tests, digital resources, and multimedia presentations can all improve the effectiveness and engagement of the learning process.

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