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🚨 Cyber Weekend Sale! 📢 30% OFF on iAwake’s Digital Tracks...
11/26/2023 3:45:06 PM
🙋‍♀️ We wanted to let you know that iAwake’s annual Cyber Weekend Sale is running clear through Cyber Monday this year.

🚨 Cyber Weekend Sale! 📢 30% OFF on iAwake’s Digital Tracks...

😀 This is a great opportunity to add to your transformational toolkit, especially as we head into the holiday season, with all of the challenges it brings along with the joys. And if you are just getting started with iAwake®, take advantage of this chance to dig deeper!

👨‍💻 Here are some tracks that we recommend:

🎯 Profound Meditation Program 3.0: Access deep, transcendent meditation states, enjoy effortless focus, recover from stress, and experience a more restful sleep

“Wow, the technology has really blown my mind. I love meditating with these tracks. I look forward every day to the moment I can go to my sacred place and get in the world of non-local spaceness and be with the One. This technology has really made it easy to get in the Zone and Flow with ease!” ~ Pirjo

🎯 BE: Develop multidimensional awareness, experience peak performance states, enhanced creativity, and heightened presence

“This track makes it very easy to get into the meditation zone and stay there.” ~ Joel

🎯 Brain Awake: Boost your concentration, memory, intuition, and creativity

“I am in love with this track. It fills me with so much positive creative energy to start my day. It was like someone knew my thoughts and what I love to do as a daily practice and added them all into this meditation. Truly one of the best I have ever used!” ~ Robbin

🎯 Deeply Theta: Access deeper intuition & insights, enhance creativity, visions, memories, empower dreams & dreamwork, and experience deep relaxation.

“I really like how it drops me into a quiet mind state pretty quickly, cutting the mind chatter.” ~ Dave

🎯 Stealing Flow+: Create amazing flow states while you work and in your daily life

“Before I started using iAwake's "Stealing Flow" audio suite, I would often have a lot of trouble achieving macro Flow states during my martial arts training. In combination with breath-work, meditation, and listening to "Stealing Flow," I am able to consistently experience increased flow markers with more intensity during training.” ~ Elizabeth Zhang

🎯 Digital Euphoria - Special Edition: Build your confidence, enthusiasm, and joy!

“I have been using the whole 70 minutes each day, and since the fourth of march, I am noticing that I feel great lately and things do not bother me. I use it to go within to solve life problems I may be having each day. It is great.” ~ Edward Farrel

🎯 The Freedom of Forgiveness: Break the chains of resentment, guilt, and shame, making room for lots more happiness and contentment in your life

“It was a marvelous therapy for me. I’ve never been so candid and honest about myself and my past actions…it’s like months of therapy.” ~ Nina
Energy Flows: Feel more balanced, aligned, and attuned with the conscious universe that connects us all

“I’m getting unstuck and these Energy Flows are definitely part of the opening equation.” – Christopher Griffin

🎯 Kundalini: Awaken the potent universal energies vibrating within you!

“I loved these tracks. I’m usually not a fan of guided meditation, but this whole series has been amazing. I had some great energetic experiences with these two tracks.” ~ D. R.

So check these tracks out and the rest of our amazing library too – there is sure to be a track with your name on it. And hold onto your hat, because practicing with iAwake® can be life changing!

Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season.

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