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In the ever-evolving world of Madden NFL
9/6/2023 6:30:23 AM
In the ever-evolving world of Madden NFL, gamers are always on the lookout for glitchy plays that can give them an advantage on offense. In this article, we will explore an incredible glitchy play from the Spread Double Flex formation in the Alternate West Coast Mut 24 coins Offensive Playbook in Madden 24. This play has been causing quite a buzz among players, and we are here to dissect its setup and execution. So buckle up and get ready to dominate your opponents on the virtual gridiron!

The Glitchy Play Setup

First things first, let's address the playbook. The glitchy play we'll be discussing is from the Alternate West Coast Offensive Playbook, not the popular Chase West Coast or Raiders playbooks. This distinction is important, as many players have been inquiring about the specific playbook used.

Now, onto the setup. To maximize the potential of this glitchy play, it is recommended to have certain player cards equipped with specific abilities. The article mentions the importance of having Shannon Sharpe with the Apprentice ability, Jerry Rice with Apprentice ability, and Warren Moon with Gunslinger. These player cards significantly enhance the effectiveness of the play, although they are not essential for the glitchy setup.

The Glitch Play in Action

The glitchy play we're focusing on is called "PA Comebacks." This play works particularly well against defenses like Cover 4 Quarters and Cover 4 Palms. The article emphasizes the importance of understanding how these defenses work before diving into the details of the play.

Against Cover 4 Quarters, the glitchy setup involves putting the RB on a wheel route and motioning him to the left side of the formation. This motion creates a glitch that confuses the defense and isolates a receiver, leading to potential big plays. The article suggests dragging the receiver instead of keeping him on an in-route for better results.

Similarly, against Cover 4 Palms, the glitchy setup involves motioning the RB to the left side of the formation and positioning him on the side of the post. This again creates a glitch that leaves a receiver wide open, resulting in significant gains.

The article also briefly mentions the effectiveness of this glitchy play against other defenses like Cover 2 and Cover 3, providing additional variations and adjustments to exploit weaknesses in those defenses.

Gameplay Analysis and Reflection

While the glitchy play showcased in the article highlights the potential advantages it offers, the author also reflects on the shortcomings of the game. They express frustration with the developer's focus on Ultimate Team rather than gameplay improvements. It is important to note that the glitches described in this article are a result of game mechanics and not intentional exploits by the players.

In Madden 24, finding glitchy plays that give you an edge on offense can be a game-changer. The glitchy play discussed in this article, originating from the Spread Double Flex formation in the Alternate West Coast Offensive Playbook, has been causing waves in the Madden community. Understanding the setup, executing it effectively, and cheap madden 24 coins exploiting defensive weaknesses can lead to significant gains and touchdowns. However, it is crucial to remember that glitches are a result of game mechanics and not the fault of the players. So, take advantage of these glitchy plays responsibly, and enjoy your Madden journey to the fullest!

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