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What Is Live Good?
7/28/2023 2:17:13 PM
LiveGood is NOT a Health and Wellness company.

LiveGood is a Buyer's Club where your membership gives you access to products and services where the prices are driven down by the members who are active.
The company launched with a series of nutritional and beauty products. At least 4 new products are hitting the market this month...
With additional products and services coming soon.
Also LiveGood may follow the model of Costco and Sam's, but this is NOT a wholesale club, as there is no bulk purchase options.. You can buy groups of products at a better rate but not bulks of one product.
Not only will you have access to incredible prices on products people WANT, you have the opportunity to create wealth by helping others become members and wildly earn as other member join after you...

No other club offers this, many claim they do but typically are a binary model where you never earn much off of the team you built due to needing to always match legs...

Here you have to potential to earn off of over 64,000 people which could be worth over $16000 per month... Btw it will take a while...
Also show me ONE company with the growth of LiveGood, over 500,000 members in 7 months...
Over 30 Diamond distributors in 7 months each already earning over $10k per month.
With the whole world moving to a subscribed model, LiveGood has changed the game.
No more inviting a victim to buy a product that is overpriced for the sole purpose to feed an upline.
Yes VICTIM. No one should be convincing people that their junk products are the highest quality and that quantity has a higher price...
For some reason, people seem to be BLIND when reading compensation plans...
When your fast start says it pays 10 levels, look at it from the bottom UP... That $100 product has to now payout to 10 levels - 2 a piece of that 100, and then still pay out 30-50% to the primary distributor...
Making that $100 product less than $20 to develop, manufacture, package, and ship....
So much for high quality, you're paying an upline...

Watch as the marketplace and companies will start to shift to a subscription based model and adjust their compensation plans to compete with LiveGood.
There is absolutely ZERO reason to join any product or service based MLM after today as you have the full awareness that YOURE financially screwing your friends and family.
When you invite people to LiveGood it's $9.95... The price point is so inviting that our greatest teams are launching in 3rd world countries because they can afford to be part of something that is highly profitable and truly provides the highest quality (certified) at prices never before seen.
Take a tour and truly grasp what LiveGood is doing to disrupt the MLM industry and gig economy.


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