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Re: The Magic Carpet
4/9/2006 11:41:26 PM
Hi Scott, If only there was some way of getting rid of the crook's,I would not like to go back to newbie status now..thanks for posting. Leanne Busby Put yourself on my Map
Donna Zuehl

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Re: The Magic Carpet
4/10/2006 6:30:16 PM
Hi Leanne, Interesting and beneficial article. There certainly are lots of scams on the internet. Besides the internet marketing ones lately I have been getting lots of those "pharmacy" emails for prescription medications. You cannot unsubscribe because there is no link. Those are really annoying. I block the sender but if they are not using real email addresses and keep changing that I suppose I could be getting multiple messages from the same sender.I have even received some that, when I click on block sender, my email address is blocked instead of theirs. I don't know how they do that but I sure hate it. DonnaZ
Re: The Magic Carpet
4/11/2006 1:03:39 AM
Hi Donna, Yes they are annoying, I send them to spam box. I also use Spam arrest on my other emails,it's really worth it! You only have to enter your name somewhere and they sell your email and details,big scams. Watch where you put your email. Open a junkmail email, use it for ones your not sure of! Hope this helps .... :) Thanks Leanne Busby Put yourself on my Map

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