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Need some Christmas-themed colouring plr? Check out this mega sale!
11/14/2022 12:28:36 PM
colour monthly plr

Christmas Fun Mega Sale

ENDS TODAY 14th November - Check Out Rayven's Special Christmas-themed Colouring & Journal Mega Sale!

When it comes to unique high-quality colouring pages PLR, Color Monthly PLR is one of my go-to sources. Rayven provides some really great packages.

And today is no exception. I’m excited to share her special one-week-only mega Christmas-themed sale which actually ends today, 14th November.

You can check it out Here:

Included in this special mega sale are the Christmas Holiday Planner, & both the Christmas Party Games & Silly Santa Colouring Pages packages.

Inside the Christmas Holiday Planner package you will find these beautifully illustrated pages:

  1. Christmas Gift Planner
  2. Christmas Gift List
  3. Christmas Card List
  4. Christmas Cookie Recipes
  5. Christmas Cookie Gift List
  6. Online Order Tracker
  7. Christmas Bucket list
  8. Christmas Movies to Watch
  9. Christmas Budget
  10. Christmas Menu
  11. Christmas Gift Tags

Inside the Christmas Party Games Colouring Pages package you will find:

  1. Christmas Party Icebreaker
  2. Christmas Trivia 1
  3. Template for Guests – Christmas Trivia 1
  4. Christmas Trivia 2
  5. Template for Guests – Christmas Trivia 1
  6. Christmas Riddles
  7. Template for Guests – Christmas Riddles
  8. Holiday Match
  9. How Many Can You Find
  10. Template for Guests – How Many Can You Find
  11. Know Your Toys
  12. Template for Guests – Know Your Toys
  13. Name The Reindeer
  14. Name That Christmas Carol

Inside the Silly Santa Colouring Pages package you will find:

  1. Gangster Wrapper
  2. Be Naughty: Save Santa the Trip!
  3. Christmas Calories Don’t Count
  4. I’ve been bad, so what?
  5. Dear Santa, Define ‘Good’, Please!
  6. I like to give homemade gifts. Which kid do you want?
  7. I don’t have to be good…I’m cute!
  8. Bah, Humbug!
  9. Only Accountants know the true meaning of Christmas!
  10. You have been naughty, So here’s the scoop, All you get, Is a snowman’s poop.
  11. Santa thinks I’ve been good!
  12. Elves made me do it!
  13. Kiss my festivus!
  14. I believe in coal
  15. Frosty hates global warming!
  16. Dear Santa, I can explain…
  17. Dear Santa, Does ‘goodish’ count?
  18. Sweet & Twisted
  19. Keep Calm & Merry On
  20. Who needs credit cards when you have Santa Claus!

Plus, a Christmas-themed Easy Ephemera & Power Planner Pack, consisting of 6 journal pages EACH! Grab these goodies:

  1. Easy Ephemera Kit - Christmas - B&W + Color
  2. Power Planner Pack - Snowmen - B&W + Color

That’s a whole lot of PLR content! And the best part is, there are three options available depending on your needs -

Option 1, and Option 2, at $37 each or get the best deal and snag both for an even bigger discount

Check out all the details before the sale ends tonight - Here!

Angel Cuddles,


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