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Angel Cuddle Trails Blog: What Happens When You Put Too Much Focus on Healing?
3/20/2022 7:38:59 PM
ACT blog post

This blog post is a repost from the original blog that was attacked and I've updated it. The original post was made in April 2019, but the message is relevant in this moment. It has recently occurred to me that this is not just on a personal level, but also applies to healing of world events and situations too. It's far more beneficial to everyone, if we focus on what we want the world to be like, rather than concentrating on healing what is happening in the world.

I got up that morning, in Biarritz (which I love), feeling inspired to do a quick video weekly tip. I’ve missed a couple of weekly tips as I’ve been busy on different projects, books, journals, courses…and working through some issues that needed cleansing and healing.

Angel Cuddle Trails Weekly Tip - If We Keep Focusing on Healing, We're Going to...

Things come up for cleansing – they always will – and we do want to heal certain wounds, whether it’s situations or physical in our body issues, or health issues. Whatever situations there are, there’s a root cause, and we do want to heal that.

But my message today, is to not focus too much on healing...

I'll let you continue reading and watch the video HERE!

Don't forget, if you would like to get in touch with me or work with me for a consultation, healing facilitation or me helping you with cosmic ordering, or self-healing, you can contact me HERE. I look forward to hearing from you. I love connecting with you. You are reading this for a reason. We connect with those we are here for and who are here for us…

Angel cuddles,


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