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List Your Sites/Businesses/Offers Here!
3/27/2006 2:35:26 PM
Hi Friends, This is the thread to list all of your URL's, opportunities, offers, etc. Do you offer affiliate programs? Reciprocal linking? Free resources? Do you have special discount offers you'd like to promote? This is the place to do so! Here are all my various links: Unicursal Designs Affordable Web Design & More - - My Blogs & Feeds (from which I've been on hiatus recently): - - - - - - As you know if you read my link exchange post, we offer free reciprocal linking for similar sites, and free link exchange w/ over 300 categories to choose from for all types of sites. Here is the link for it again, though: - I also do discounted design and SEO work for friends & family, so if you're on my friends list here, you qualify for our special discounted rates. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything. I do free "rough drafts" on all of my design work (graphic, logo, banner, & even web), as well. That's about all for me. What would you like to share with us? Cordially, Danielle
Re: List Your Sites/Businesses/Offers Here!
3/27/2006 5:26:17 PM
Hi all Adlander members, I recently joined Free Store Club, the world's Premiere Provider of Personal E-Stores. I now own my own Internet Store! I thought of you because FreeStoreClub exists to benefit everyone it touches. The basic business formula is simple and timeless. FSC provides everyone with a place to Save, Earn and Sell almost anything. Save big, Earn thousands, and Sell almost anything. FSC created a totally new money making system that you have to see to believe! Check it out now or later, just please bookmark (add to Favorites) my Webstore and take a look the next time you shop for a gift or decide to treat yourself. I didn't want to go another day without sharing this with you. It's Free to join and there are people earning serious cash! My Store address is: Don?t forget to bookmark! Check it out for yourself. Martial St Coeur
Re: List Your Sites/Businesses/Offers Here!
3/27/2006 6:18:10 PM
Hi, Martial! I'm so glad you joined the forum! I'm a FSC member, too, actually! I just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents there. lol. So far it seems to be great! I just joined recently, though. Thanks for sharing this with everyone, Martial. :) Sincerely, Danielle
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Probuilderplus Opportunity
3/28/2006 4:15:35 PM
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Re: List Your Sites/Businesses/Offers Here!
3/29/2006 8:12:48 PM
Thank you for the invitation to this forum and letting me post some extra income opportunities! I have a couple of sites to check out if you want to make extra cash at home. Minimal investment (VERY MINIMAL) with large cash pay outs (pending how much effort one puts forth). Best of all, you pick and choose when you want to work;AND there is absolutely no pressure nor deadlines! CHECK THEM OUT:

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