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About Me

A "Little Bit" About Me...

 Hi there! So, you really want to know more about lil', ol' me, huh? Well, make yourself comfortable in that case. (I have a tendency toward "wordiness".) 

 My name is Danielle, and I am a 28 year old a web, logo, and graphic designer, as well as a search engine optimization specialist, currently living in the southern USA with my husband of 10 years & our 3 beautiful daughters. I am very creative, and always looking for new outlets. I have the rare gift of being "both-brained", which I think lends itself well to my line of work. I approach my "hyper-creativity" in a very logical, left-brained kind of way. My brain is quite adept at processing & organizing tasks in the most logical & time effective way very quickly. That is a "talent" I only became aware of a short time ago, in fact. 

 I also fancy myself an artist (of sorts), a poet, a philosopher, a free-thinker, a visionary (I really am quite humble when you get to know me in person), and quite often the comic relief on most occasions.

I'm not ashamed to admit to having a mild case of OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). LOL! Actually, I've recently learned to "put it to work" for me. It makes me really persistent because, if I can't figure something out, I will obsess about it until I do. Mix my intuition and OCD together, and I turn into a "bull dog" when I "just know" that something will work! LOL!

 My mind tends to go about 100 miles a minute. I'm always trying to figure out something new, a new way of doing something, or how to improve upon something, and a good portion of my time is spent pondering, contemplating, &/or meditating on - why I'm "here", and more importantly, what I can do to make "here" better. Believe it or not, I think I may have finally (after 28 years) figured why I'm "here". *Note: I didn't say "why we are all here". I think the jury is still out on that one; however, I think I know the reason I'm on this crazy ride we call life, and I think that's a start. 

 I'm a big believer in "energy". (Here's where I may start to get "weird" for some of you, but bear with me.) I think we each have our own individual, unique energy, and so do animals, trees, the earth, stars, the universe, and everything else. I also believe that thoughts (and various other things) have their own unique "energy" or "vibration", as well, and all of these things can affect other energies in negative or positive ways. I guess you could think of this as a "butterfly effect" kind of thing. To put it most simply, I choose to emit the most positive energy I can into the universe because I believe that I can literally affect "things" in a positive way. Not only will this come back to me in "good karma" (or whatever you like to call it) - bonus!, but maybe I can also impact someone else for the better. 

If the "energy thing" is a bit too "out there" for you, here is a more "palpable" example. Consider this scenario: 


"Pete" is running a little late for work, and he still has to stop for gas, so he's already slightly stressed. While on his way, he gets cut off in traffic, and has to slam on his brakes, which irritates him further. Once "Pete" gets to the gas station, all of the gas pumps are taken, so he gets behind a car that is about to pull out. At the last moment, he gets cut off again, and someone else snags "his" pump. Now "Pete" is more than annoyed. He's running late, and he has to wait on yet another pump!

At long last, "Pete" pulls his car up to the pump, pumps his gas, and goes in to pay. There are a few people in line ahead of him, but it seems to be moving pretty quickly. Soon there is only one person ahead of him, and things seem to be looking up. 

 Of course, just when you think things are looking up, what inevitably happens? That's right. Things go downhill, and fast sometimes. Suddenly, the customer in front of him is having some kind of issue with his credit card. It won't go through, but he swears it must be a mistake, and what's worse? He won't give up until he calls the company to find out what's wrong because "this just isn't possible".

At this point, "Pete" checks his watch, and finds that he is already 5 minutes late for work, and he still has about a 15 minute commute in front of him. "Annoying Credit Card Guy" just stands there on his cell phone for what seems like an eternity arguing with the credit card company, only to find out there was, in fact, NO mistake after all. In embarrassment, he mutters something "nasty" under his breath, and bumps into "Pete" (as he hastily brushes past him), who now feels the anger bubbling up into his chest from his stomach. His face hot, he steps up to the counter.
He snaps at the cashier when she misunderstands which pump his car is at, and because of her encounter with the previous customer, "Annoying Credit Card Guy", she snaps back a little. "Pete" can now feel his ears turning red, and this is enough to set him off. He just can't control his temper anymore. He rips into her, condescending to & belittling her in front of the other customers. He even goes so far as to suggest she get a new job, perhaps one in which "competence isn't a required skill". 
 Now the cashier is in a horrible mood, and all of her customers get poor, possibly rude service for the rest of the day, which alters there mood in some way. (Even if it "only" bothers them "a little", that's enough.) This, in turn, effects the way these people treat the rest of the people they come into contact with to some degree, and so on.


It's a really horrible ripple effect that can affect more people than one would initially think is possible. That is why I make a conscious effort to be friendly to people, and smile at them when I'm out in public. Brief (I promise ) real life example: I was recently at a store, and the cashier seemed a little "down", so I struck up a conversation with him about the music that was playing in the store. I even had him laughing at my jokes, and by the time I left, he had a big smile on his face. I like to think that I had a positive impact on his day at least in some small way, and hopefully that translated into the cashier making someone else's day a little brighter. I personally believe that there is more to it than just "altering" a person's mood, of course. I believe it can actually "alter" a person's "energy". 

 There it is again, isn't it? Energy. I put lots of my energy into every area of my life - family relationships, friendships, business relationships, work, etc. - from putting real, "tangible", physical, emotional, & intellectual energy into it by actually doing the work, to "spiritually"/"energetically"/"figuratively"/"metaphorically"/(insert your own adverb here) nurturing the aforementioned areas of my life. I also whole-heartedly believe that by visualizing my success, I can actually help manifest it because of the energy that goes into the thought and visualization. It is for these reasons that I believe we can affect energy to bring about visible (if you're looking) change, assist in achieving our goals, etc.

 Anyway, to make an already really long story . . . less? . . . long, my "reason for being" is to "help" people in any way I can. To make them smile & laugh, and happy, at least for a little while. To make their day even just little bit brighter. To help them feel better about themselves in some way. I think it's important to know that there are still people around who sincerely care about others. People who honestly want to know when they ask "how are you?", or "is there anything I can do?". I think it can serve to restore a modicum of faith in humanity for some, and I truly believe that one person can make a difference. I really feel that "lil', ol' me", all by myself, can help change the world for the better, and so can you! In fact, you're already affecting the world, whether you realize it or not. You just have to decide what kind of influence you want to have, and get proactive.  

 The only limits to what we can achieve exist within our own minds, so why set limits, right? Why suppress yourself by even entertaining the notion that you can't accomplish anything that you set out to accomplish? It's completely counter-productive, and you can quote me on that!  
 Alright. I'm done typing incessantly - for now. I hope this wasn't too long &/or dull for you. If you actually made it this far - Hey, Congratulations! Go you! You get a cookie, and you get a for the day!

 If you'd like to read more of my blatherings, please join my Circle of Friends!


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Len Berghoef - (4/26/2006 2:31:03 PM) : Hi Danielle,
I thought I would stop by to see your website since you updated it. I think it looks terrific! I give you the best website design award! You are very good!

Your friend,


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