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10/20/2021 6:33:58 AM

Hi ALP Friends,

Click anywhere in that image above and it will open in a new window where all of the banners and text links are live and clickable. The banners on the left side are Veteran owned TEs and the banners on the right are in the Special Joint Promos for Wednesday 10/20/2021.

On any of the sites you can find the details of the joint promos at the bottom of the Surfer Rewards.On any of the sites you can find the details of the joint promos at the bottom of the Surfer Rewards.

On this rare occasion there are not joint promos at Surfing Happy or Race 4 Hits ... and at this time I am in 1st place in the top 5 surfers at those sites. Here is the Challenge for the day. Anyone that passes me up and finishes the day in the top 5 will receive the following extra rewards. 1st place will recieve 1000 Bonus Credits at that site if they post a comment by clicking New Reply below. 2nd place will receive 750 Bonus Credits. 3rd place will receive 500 Bonus Credits. 4th place 300 Bonus Credits and 5th place will receive 250 Bonus Credits. To qualify you must place a comment in this thread by clicking New Reply below.

Everyone who claims the Surfer Reward at Military Hits and post in here that they did will receive and extra 500 Bonus Credits!


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