Becoming a household name..... Get in before this thing takes off!
3/20/2006 8:32:48 AM
Hi #TO_FNAME, You read correctly! For only $2, you can now get started with Success University. What's even better (we think) is that this nominal processing fee will be donated to Feed the Children - a non-profit organization providing humanitarian support world-wide. All of the details are available to you immediately by visiting the Success University Web Site! Since it's release, this promotion has created a stir like we've never experienced. Every single day since the launch, records have been set for new enrollments! Not making a move now could prove to be something you regret for years to come. Learn about this exciting opportunity and literally WATCH it happen! See you at the top! William Connelly
Bill Connelly aka: CashFlowDude skype: givemesuccessonline JOIN MY TEAM TODAY
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