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This is truly Creative Genius!
3/18/2006 5:21:47 PM
Take two very popular surf sites, mix in the SEC causing havoc, the chaos that StormPay has created among the surf industry, shake gently and what do you get? eProfitWorks! eProfitWorks is the creative genius of Colette and Dan, owners. The birthing of eProfitWorks was in response to the autosurf industry being targeted by the SEC and StormPay. Although its still a "surfing" site, the business model has been changed to reflect an advertising site, making it in compliance with the SEC. This protects the members from losing their earnings to frozen accounts and such (like what StormPay did). And its a brilliant way to put advertising your business on auto-pilot. And it works. Payouts are made weekly, and I have always been paid on time. If a user so choses, they can become a Pro advertiser (when they purchase advertising credits). Once a member receives Pro Advertiser status, there is a terrific perk. Unfortunately, I can't discuss the perk any further. But what I can say is that this perk is exclusive to Pro advertisers only, and its pretty cool. The support is outstanding. There even is a payment processor for transactions, which is also run by Colette and Dan. MLM and surfs site are most welcome. Anyway, I am estatic to be a part of eProfitWorks, and I'd like to extend my personal invitation to my fellow Adlanders to become a part of it too. Take a look and join me: Thanks for reading, Lisa Reddell :`) PS Did I mention its Free to join?
Lisa Reddell :`)
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