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3/16/2006 4:36:18 PM
Hello Everyone, At Unicursal Designs we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality of customer service & work for a very reasonable price. This brings me to my offer. Do you need a quality ad banner for your site? Well, look no further, because I do them well, and inexpensively. My Competitor's Prices (on average): Standard (468X60) Static (gif) Banner - starts at $10 Standard (468X60) Animated (gif) Banner - starts at $15 Standard (468X60) Flash Banner - starts at $20 My Regular Prices: Standard (468X60) Static (gif) Banner - $8 Standard (468X60) Animated (gif) Banner - $13 Standard (468X60) Flash Banner - $18 YOUR PRICES (if you're on my friends list): Standard (468X60) Static (gif) Banner - $5 Standard (468X60) Animated (gif) Banner - $10 Standard (468X60) Flash Banner - $15 NOTE: Other sizes are available, prices may vary. Please inquire about other sizes and prices if interested. To get this discount if you are not already my friend, please feel free to send me an invitation to be your friend, and either mention your banner request in it, or e-mail me later with it. If you are already a friend of mine, please either reply here, or send me a personal message. Even if you don't need/want a banner, please don't hesitate to invite me to be your friend if you like. ;) lol. One can never have too many friends! I hope this finds everyone well. :) Cordially, Danielle Webmistress @
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