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We are engaged in a protracted struggle.
8/22/2020 12:38:35 AM
I just came upon this while checking out a video going around... But it is hard to believe that deplorables/conservative voices are the ones being silenced when you see stuff like this. Bear in mind I landed there while going to the Antifa site Graham Allen's video was edited to go to, I have surmised. Anyway here is just a small sampling and link to a different opinion ...
"We must come to the realization and understanding that we are living during the last stages of White Supremacy in Amerika. There are those currently in positions of power who are aware of this fact. These oppressive individuals and groups who subscribe to the white supremacist ideology have a death grip on the reins of power in Amerika and they are determined not to let go without a fight.
The oppressors are sitting around large conference tables in Washington, D.C., making plans and plotting just how far they can push the envelope in regard to silencing our voice of protest and break our resolve. We must plot, plan, and strategize also.
The struggle for prisoner human rights is not going to go away. We are engaged in a protracted struggle. Now in this defining moment in Amerikan history, our free-world comrades need our support. Our comrades are making sacrifices so that the future will be brighter and more secure for our children and our children’s children."

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