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Method for Processing Brass Crafts
6/26/2020 6:51:08 AM
Method for machining brass crafts
Apparatus and process for horizontal continuous casting of copper alloy bars. The cored power frequency heater and melt ditch in the prior art are omitted; the bottom of the thermal insulation package is sloped and inclined toward the channel connecting the crystallizer; the thermal insulation package adopts a multi-layer structure and adopts a variety of thermal insulation materials with good thermal insulation, To improve the thermal insulation of the thermal insulation, a control hole is provided, and the inner chamber of the thermal insulation bag is preheated with coke, and then heated with a diesel heater. It has the advantages of no mixing, ensuring the quality of the drawn cast bar, excellent energy saving, and convenient operation. The device and process of this method are also suitable for drawing cast copper bar.

Production technology of precision polyester cast copper artwork. First of all, shape the shape of various artworks, and use the grouting molding method of the ceramic industry according to its shape to make a disposable working abrasive. After drying and heat treatment, thermal spraying is performed on the inner wall of the abrasive cavity. , Sprayed with metal or non-metallic powder such as bronze or brass, and then coated with polyester resin. After curing, remove the outer mold of the ceramic blank, and then clean, decontaminate, and polish the artwork after de-grinding. After polishing, the crafts with metallic luster have less investment and good artistic effect.

Practical antique bronze utensils. An antique bronze utility vessel with glaze or enamel inside. It takes a typical ancient bronze as a sample, designs a sculpture model according to practical dimensions, then casts it, and then coats the inside of the cast vessel with glaze or enamel. The exterior is coated with antique bronze glaze and matt simulation treatment. Unlike the antique bronzes in the past, in addition to the realistic artistic effect, it also has the practical function of hanging glazes or enamels on metal utensils such as copper.
Art enamel ornamental plate. A copper enamel art ornamental disc, which is composed of an ornamental disc and a bracket. It is characterized by a method of adopting a copper enamel spotted glaze substrate and painting directly on the device, covered with gold, silver and other parts of the side decoration Layers, etc., to improve the grade and viewing effect. As a work of art, this ornamental plate has the value of viewing and collecting.

Corrosion-resistant white copper-manganese alloy and its wire manufacturing method. The balance is copper, and the alloy is made into wires by non-vacuum melting, horizontal continuous casting, cold drawing, and cold rolling processes. The color of the alloy of the present invention is close to that of zinc white copper, has good processing performance and corrosion resistance, and has a stable color. It can replace nickel-containing zinc white copper and is used to manufacture zippers, watch bracelets and cases, and decorative crafts.

Chemical formula and preparation method of large copper sculpture. It is characterized by the material of copper imitation sculpture is polyester resin 100%, curing agent 6%, promotion grade 4% brass powder or bronze powder 60%, colored cement 18%, crushed stone particles 50% glass fiber 10%, copper mesh Cloth 5%, mix the above raw materials evenly, then pour into the grinding tool to form a chemical reaction without drying. The color of brass, bronze or red copper sculptures is determined by the color of brass powder, bronze powder and red copper powder. The process is simple because it is cast by abrasive tools and can be mass-produced. It is used for urban landscape sculptures, home decorations, garden figures, animals, or sculptures made of artworks, with low prices and high practical prices.
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