Xtreme X20.....NEW DETAILS.....................WOW!!!!!!!!!
3/11/2006 6:34:08 PM
Haven't heard of X2O? Oh, YOU WILL!! Here are some EXCITING changes coming to our company and pay plan! X2O mixed with X2O BLAST is the perfect product. Brad King, at the February 2006 XOOMA Convention , said: "X2O is the best product I've ever seen. I tried all the products out there and X2O was the one product I felt working in my body." Brad added: "only now, X20 BLAST mixed with X2O exceeds any nutritional product in the world." X2O BLAST can be sold as a stand-alone product or mixed with X20/water. X2O BLAST is in powder form. We have another easy-to-ship-around-the-globe product. Brad is not a paid endorser, has never been aligned with MLM, is in the Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame and doesn't believe in man-made vitamins. Brad developed X2O BLAST from the coffeeberry, which blossoms around the coffee bean (it is not the coffee bean or a stimulant.) XOOMA has the exclusive and the patent. Starbucks was on the same trail, seeking the coffeeberry to add to coffee as a new line of healthy coffee. With the help of Brad, XOOMA received the contract. This is NO DOUBT going to rock the industry. They predict Xooma to double to 50,000 reps in 90 days. Get YOUR share!!!! Could this possibly get any better? YES!! XOOMA PAY INCREASE Starting March 6, 2006 Xooma will pay a $7.00 FAST-START CHECK on all $25.00 orders ($14.00 on $50 orders and $28.00 on $100 orders).. PLUS $3.00 - $12.00 TO THE SPONSOR'S SPONSOR!! PLUS .50-$2.00 to qualified upline PLUS Watch checks double, even quadruple, as people order both X2O and X2O BLAST netting a $50-200 ..or more..PV per month! PLUS The New Xooma Back-Office Store paying commission beyond 12 levels!! PLUS Brad's new booklet about Xooma products PLUS An awesome Xooma Convention 2006 DVD showcasing doctors and testimonies PLUS Promotion goodies galore ranging from Xooma tattoos to summer lounge chairs, HYDRO bobble-head dolls and lunch boxes for the kiddies (and not-so-grown-up adults, too!) It is time for us to consider this a re-LAUNCH of Xooma. I would tip off your personal list TODAY that the bell has rung and the horses are off and running. All MLM hitters should take a look at Xooma TODAY. Xooma will add tens-of-millions of dollars in monthly sales very soon and then develop into a GLOBAL MLM GIANT in 2007. Let me help you get started TODAY!! NO Sign Up Fees!! No Fast Start packages monthly!! Just order your monthly supply!! Does it get any better than THIS????
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