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Trump State Of The Union Speech - 30 Jan, 2018
1/31/2018 10:49:05 AM
You Can Help To Make America Great Again!

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NOTE: 1 - This message is also posted in my Make America Great Again forum and we welcome your comments there!

Note: 2 - Remarks below the link are from those who watched the video. What do you think?

President Trump delivers the State of the Union
speech in a historic and amazing event

The first president that makes me feel, like I'm truly a part of his political agenda. We are witnessing the best president this country has ever seen. In the decades to come, Trump will be remembered as the president who truly fought for the dignity, freedom, and honor of the people of this United States Of America! I'd share my best moonshine with you Mr. Trump! Tipping my moonshine glass to you Mr. President! Cheers

5 minutes into it and it's already a historic State of the Union


Meanwhile, crooked Hillary is reduced to reading fiction at The Grammys, which is what she would also be doing if she were reading her first State Of The Union Address.

President trump will be talked about for 100s of years to come as a True American and the best President there ever was, And ever will be. From Australia

3 X 10 Matrix

Please Pass This message On To family, friends and neighbors.
Lets look at a 3 x 3 matrix.
I get 3 people who read this message who agree to pass it on
1 X 3 = 3
3 of those pass it on to others and get 3 more people who agree to pass it on through 10 levels.NOTE: We know it is not going to happen exactly this way. Some people will not get 3 and some might get a whole lot more. We want to get the Make America Great Again information out to as many as possible.
3 X 3 = 9
9 X 3 = 27
27 X 3 = 81
81 X 3 - 243
243 X 3 = 729
729 X 3 = 2,187
2,187 X 3 = 6,561
6,561 X 3 = 19,683
That's 29,493 people who have read it. And it continues to grow through infinity!

Don Evans
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