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Neo-Nazis, KKK, ACLU, Charlottesville, and Trump
8/16/2017 4:07:14 PM

Neo-Nazis, KKK, ACLU, Charlottesville, and Trump

Pulling no punches, in just 3 minutes, Attorney Marc Zell connects the dots among the ACLU, George Soros, Neo-Nazis/KKK and the Leftist media who are trying to bring down President Trump.

Zell is Chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel. I’d never heard of him or his group, but his short summary has the ring of truth — namely, the entire Charlottesville head-on collision was engineered by a Leftist cabal, including our so-called objective media, that has tried Russia collusion, North Korea, or anything else they can to bring down a legitimately elected president.

The sequence of events, involving permits denied and then granted, the involvement of the ACLU, the management and placement of the demonstrator factions, and the stand-down of law enforcement when violence broke out all suggest that this was no accident or coincidence. And it ended up killing three people and injuring dozens more.

In particular, regarding the American “news” media, Zell sounds exactly right. When North Korea backed down from its threat to fire four missiles at Guam, I expected to hear all about it on CNN’s prime time Anderson Cooper 360 on August 14. There was nothing — nothing at all — about North Korea. Instead it was 100% Charlottesville with the usual talking-bobblehead panelists trying to outdo one another in attacking President Trump.

Had the stand-down by the NoKo tyrant Kim been achieved by Barack Obama, the media would be swooning 24×7 over his brilliant strategic use of force and diplomacy to stave off a threat without firing a shot. Trump’s and Tillerson’s “dangerous rhetoric” would have been hailed instead as Obama’s “muscular diplomacy”. Of course, Obama would again have tried some form of appeasement or more “strategic patience.”

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RE: Neo-Nazis, KKK, ACLU, Charlottesville, and Trump
8/16/2017 4:28:00 PM
Very plausible and those privy to such information agree. My immigrant parents would be mortified to see how dumbed down Americans have allowed themselves to be.
Imagine person having their hackles raised by a comment such as "both parties are to be blamed.
Are we seeing the emergence of the totalitarian Socialist/Progressive Power following the path of our 'friend' Stalin who changed the face of Russia and all sense of humanity?
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