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51 Years Ago...
5/3/2017 12:24:09 PM
Fifty-one years ago, I saw a man do something that I have never forgotten. He was a rough, crude man, but, what he did was done out of wisdom and kindness. I have never forgotten, although I am sure he did within five minutes of doing it. He was a U.S. Army Drill Sergeant. He was a big, strong, brave man who had faced danger and returned to teach others.

About the same time in my life, there was a small, meek man. A priest. He was quiet and gentle and any dangers he had faced were of a spiritual kind. And yet, he too was strong and brave...and I watched him as he went about his work and absorbed the wordless lessons he taught, just as I absorbed the lesson the sergeant taught me.

Those men, and God knows how many others, helped put together the man I am today. But, this is not about me. It is about them...and me...and you.

We never know who we are teaching or what lesson they are learning from us, or how long that lesson will travel through time. I know I have passed on lessons from the sergeant and the priest to others. I don't know where it's gone from there, but, it's lasted over half a century.

If I'm teaching anything today, let THAT be YOUR lesson. You may never know who or what you are teaching...but, you are teaching someone something. Make it good.


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