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How Today Turns Out...
5/1/2017 12:05:53 PM
Morning Musings BC (Before Coffee): You never know how a day's going to turn out.

It's hard to say about today because, for me, it's less than an hour old, and, no coffee yet. But, I woke up feeling so beat up and OLD yesterday after what seemed like a good night's sleep. Last night, I got to sleep late, was awakened twice, got less sleep than usual and feel much better than yesterday.

No real lesson here, I guess, except that each day, like you, like me, is unique.

How it turns out will depend on a lot of we slept, how we feel, what the weather's like, what other people in our lives do.

Yesterday I was feeling blah, and a LinkedIn friend sent me some messages that turned that day around...maybe not 180 degrees, but, I sure felt a lot better after getting them. Maybe that's partly why I'm starting today feeling better than yesterday, because the memory of those messages, and how I felt after receiving them, is still with me.

Who knows?

Maybe YOU can make somebody feel better today!

Maybe they'll feel better for several days if you send them a nice message or do something kind for them.

Of course, exercise judgment. What you say to, or do for, your partner will probably be a little different than what you do for the next door neighbor...or, I assume so.

Happy Monday!


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