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Differences Between....
4/29/2017 11:41:00 AM
Morning Musings BC (Before Coffee):

The difference between feeling good and feeling bad can be hard to explain to someone only familiar with one.

Years ago (Don't ask how many.) I was living a very unhealthy lifestyle. Then, after reading "Aerobics" by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, I made several lifestyle changes.

I quit smoking (after several tries), ran two miles almost every day (After starting with a one-mile walk that almost killed me.), started eating better (Took time for that too.), and changed a few other things, less booze, daily multivitamin, meditation, sleep, etc.

One morning, well into my new lifestyle, I was walking out to my car and suddenly I felt very strange. I got scared! This wasn't normal! I was freaking out! I began to breathe heart began to race!

Then it hit me. I wasn't feeling bad. I was feeling the best, healthiest, most energized and physically fit I could remember feeling.

Feeling good scared the hell out of me!

Feeling different had made me feel bad.

Change can scare us. Even good change.

Stress has been shown to increase health risks and problems. Even good a promotion or falling in love. Always knew love was dangerous. Anyway, feeling good can make you feel bad for a while, but, it's worth the effort (Even if you feel bad for a while).

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