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If You Don't Understand...
4/27/2017 2:58:44 PM
Just because we don't understand what someone is doing, or why they are doing it, does not mean that they are wrong, or evil.

What if someone who did not know any better came upon a man stabbing another person in the throat?

Blood everywhere.

Person on the ground thrashing about, as the one on top holds him down and stabs him in the throat with a sharp object.



Maybe. Could also be a doctor performing an emergency tracheotomy in order to save someone's life.

I know we can become deeply incensed at what seems "man's inhumanity to man", and that's good. But, sometimes, I see people angry about things they obviously don't understand. It just doesn't "seem right" to them.

However, getting angry when you don't really know what's happening probably isn't going to do anybody any good. I've been a "boss" and I can guarantee that big decisions are often difficult decisions, and, there's no guarantee that even the most well-intentioned person is making the "right" one. It's hard enough wondering if you did the right thing even when you are morally certain you did, if someone got hurt as a result.

So, get mad at "those other people" if you have to, but, realize that, if you were making the decisions there might be a lot of people mad at you, too.

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