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Morning Musings: Frustrated Writer?
4/25/2017 5:14:04 PM
Morning Musings BC (Before Coffee):

Frustrated writer?


The two words go together.

I just finished several minutes of trying to come up with an idea and finally got one. Wrote about it for several more minutes, and then, frustrated with where it was going, deleted it.

Good thoughts, but not said well, and I was wandering off topic and fell off my train of thought completely.

Will I get another idea?

Sooner or later.

Will it become a good piece of writing?

Don't know. However, the thinking and the writing is a step towards the "good one".

Baseball players are considered great hitters if they get one out of three. Most writers would love to have an average like that.

I sometimes regret the computer's "delete" button. In my closet are notebooks (paper-old school) full of ideas, poems, articles, and ideas that never were finished, or which were not "good enough".

I wish I had that thing back I was working on earlier. At least it was an idea with words already in place.

Frustrated writer?

Doubly so. I

deleted work I had already done! But, I am a writer and I WILL get another idea, and it WILL become something...poem, article, whatever. Got to write. Will it be good? We'll have to wait to find out, won't we?


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