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Internet Thieves Targeting Cell Phones, IM !
2/16/2006 11:50:41 AM
Instant messaging and cell phones are expected to be among the favorite targets this year of Internet crooks looking to swipe someone's personal information. As people batten down the hatches on their PCs and notebooks, identity thieves are expected to move to where security is lax. The Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance say instant messaging networks are extremely vulnerable and cell-phone malware is on the rise. While I see lots of press releases from wireless carriers marketing Web-based data services to subscribers, I can't remember one pitch discussing how the carriers planned to protect their customers from identity thieves, spyware or viruses. Fortunately, studies show that only a small percentage of people use their mobile phones to access the Web, so most are safe. If carriers are going to spends millions of dollars convincing people to use their Internet services, then they also have the responsibility to do as much as possible to protect their customers. By spending money on security, carriers can build the trust they'll need to get subscribers to open their wallets. Ignoring the problem, on the other hand, is sure to hurt business. Also, the next time you slip into an Internet cafe to check email, bring a Handi Wipe. A recent study has found that computer mice in cafes are the second most bacteria-carrying item found in a public place, surpassing even doorknobs in bathrooms.
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