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Western Woman Will Save The World! An Online Event That Will Change Every Woman’
3/31/2017 5:03:46 PM

Western Woman Will Save The World! An Online Event That Will Change Every Woman’s Life...

Something BIG is happening for women that’s so significant that we can no longer ignore it.

Millions of women are feeling the impulse to unlock their creativity, vision and voice.

You may have even heard the Dalai Lama's declaration a few years back that "The world will be saved by the Western woman."

In working with over 500,000 women from over 100 countries, my good friend, Claire Zammit has discovered that that Feminine Power is the KEY to unlocking this potential that we're all sensing.

You see, for the past 50-some years, women have been mastering a logical, linear, masculine power system that has enabled us to create things at an unprecedented rate that are predictable and controllable.

And as useful and necessary as that power system is, it can't create the things our hearts and souls are now are aching for that are reflective of a new stage of human potential such as the potential to…

  • Become authentic confident, visible and seen
  • Create Intimate, loving growth oriented partnerships
  • Discover your gifts and greatness
  • Expand your prosperity in ways that are aligned with your values
  • Connect with your inner compass and access your intuition
  • Unlock your your creativity
  • Impact the world with your gifts

All of these potentials require Feminine Power to bring them forth.

When Claire discovered this, she made it her mission to awaken this power in every woman.

For that reason, I’m excited to announce that Claire is going to be holding her most popular and impactful free online event that more than 500,000 women from 110 countries have been raving about:

Attend ‘The 3 Keys To Feminine Power’ Event at No Charge and Discover Your True Power:

Those who’ve attended previous events with Claire have shared these kinds of comments in response to the incredible value they received from the event:

“This training was simply amazing. The way you understood me without even knowing me was unbelievable!”

—Narissa, New York

“This was truly life altering. Will be applied to every area of my life!”

—Michelle, Georgia

“Thank you Claire! The information and insights that you have shared provides a blueprint for women.”

—Patrice, California

Claire has developed a step-by-step process that will help you awaken your Feminine Power and learn how to embody it in every aspect of your life.

In this powerful online event, she’ll be sharing this process with thousands of women around the world at no charge, and I invite you to be one of them.

Attend Claire’s ‘The 3 Keys To Feminine Power’ Online Event at No Charge:

Women who’ve attended this seminar in the past have reported incredible improvements in their confidence, relationships, their health, connection to their gifts, their creativity, their self-expression, their prosperity, and their overall happiness.

Here are a few inspiring stories that show what’s possible for you when you attend Claire’s online event:

"Since attending 'The 3 Keys To Feminine Power,' I hardly recognize my life. I am the healthiest I've ever been and feel truly beautiful, inside and out. And to top it all off, I'm engaged to a passionate man who is my true match in every sense!"
—Elham S., Geneva, Switzerland

"I had already been running my own business for three years, but I was playing small. I’ve literally gone from working on a few homes locally to working on multi-million dollar interiors all over the country, and I’m planning on working internationally soon!"
—Jennifer M., Los Angeles, California

"In spite of numerous trainings, professional certifications and lots of education, I was unable to put a voice to who I am and what I do. After attending 'The 3 Keys To Feminine Power,' I finally got the inspiration to complete my website. After being stalled on it for two years, I completed it in two six-hour sessions. The words just poured easily out of me, and it felt just right!"

—Deirdre C., Woodside, New York

Attend this Unique Life-Changing Event at No Charge and Take the First Step in Awakening Your Feminine Power Today.

During this upcoming seminar, Claire will be sharing the proven process hundreds of thousands of women have used to awaken their Feminine Power and realize their greater destiny.

During the event, you’ll discover…

  • What Feminine Power is and why you MUST unlock it to create the life you were born to live
  • Claire’s own journey to unlocking Feminine Power and how she used it to create the relationship, career, impact and larger creative contribution she’d always yearned for (and how you can, too!)
  • How to unlock the Three Power Centers of Feminine Power and step into a vision for your future that inspires you
  • How to identify and shift the #1 inner barrier that has held you back from the success and impact you KNOW you can have
  • How to connect instantly to your intuition to access the inner-knowing and guidance you need to help you navigate your true destiny path
  • The power that opens up to you when you're supported by a global tribe of women

When you join Claire for this online event, she’ll help you discover how to create a life that allows you to best express those gifts and move through each day in a more fulfilling and impactful way.

Attend Claire’s Event at No Charge and Start Accessing Your Feminine Power Now:

To your life of new possibility ahead,

Even if you aren’t able to join us on the day of the event, as long as you sign up, Claire will gladly send you the recording after the event is over!


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