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Black Bean Soup
7/24/2016 2:12:57 PM
The other day my wife and I ate in a restaurant we go to for lunch on occasion. As I looked at the lunch specials they offered black bean soup. Now this is one of my favorites. So I ordered a bowl. Promptly the waiter delivered the soup and it looked good. The broth was not too thick and not too thin. It was garnished correctly and I was ready to enjoy.

Wow the beans were hard and the soup was tasteless. I was so disappointed. What a waste of good black bean soup. My wife and I are still going to eat there. I believe that one unfortunate mishap should not and does not stop us from visiting any restaurant again.

So with this being said, let me share one of my favorite Black Bean recipes.

First, I always use two one lb. Bags of dry black beans. In a pinch two cans of Black Beans will do. If I am using canned beans I do not add any salt because it was already added.

2 l2bs. Dry Black Beans, soaked for at least 12 hours.

[if½ cup shredded carrots

[if 1 onion, diced

[if 1 tsp. Kosher salt

[if 1 tbsp. Ground pepper

[if 2 cloves of garlic, minced

[if1tbsp. Ground cumin for that earthy taste

[i2 green onions, sliced thin for garnish

[if½ stick of butter

[1 qt. Chicken or beef stock whichever you prefer.

First saute in butter the diced onions, shredded carrots and the garlic until the onions are transparent about three to four minutes on a medium heat. Add half of the seasonings stir and cook for one more minute.

Drain and add beans to pot and saute one minute constantly mixing. Add the stock and a qt. Of water and the beans. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 40 minutes.

Taste the beans and insure they are cooked. Turn off heat. Remove ¾ of the Black beans, then puree in a blender. You want it pasty so as little liquid as possible. Return the puree to the soup, add the remaining seasonings and mix until blended.

When serving, garnish with the green onion slices and a tbsp. Of sour cream.

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