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Simple steps to join WMV files into one big video file
6/13/2016 6:45:39 AM
WMV can be developed by Microsoft video coding in the name of the general solution. Format for Windows Media framework, including format, such as Windows Media audio (WMA), advanced system format (ASF) and part of the high-definition pictures (HDP). WMV files using Microsoft container format, and on behalf of Microsoft's own version of mpeg-4 video coding technology.

The video format is exclusive and Microsoft Windows operating system in particular. Due to the large video files are usually subdivided into easy to smaller file upload or send E-mail, there will be a need to add these files together is regarded as a whole sequence. And AllPepole Free AVI MPEG WMV MP4 FLV video merger can help you to complete the whole process, and here's how to join the WMV files brief description:

1. Install free AVI WMV MP4 MPEG video merger, and start it. On the desktop, double-click the icon for the new program to start it. According to the instructions then began to use it.

2. Input WMV files. Use the "add video" button to merge input WMV files (this allows you to add multiple different video format files). You can change the join order. If you made a mistake, just click the "delete" to delete the file from the list.

3. Specify the output Settings. Click "select" select the output directory, and select from the format of the format button. Then, you can choose from the following to the pull down menu of preset quality.

4. Start to join. You are calling the "Join Now", after joining information and some progress bar will display only a few seconds. Choose the post-processing option, automatic playback sound or shut down the computer after the completion of connection.

5. Look at your new file. When this process is completed, about joining the summary report. Click "open folder", directly find you joined the files and play.

In the era of science and technology, it is very important to keep up with the latest development. It provides the enormity of the task in the past way split second timing.

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