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Proper ways of brushing teeth
1/8/2016 7:22:25 PM
Most of our days start with brushing our teeth and similarly (aware people) days end with brushing too. But unfortunately most of us are unknown to the proper ways of brushing our teeth. As a result, 2 times, 3 times brushing is not doing any help. As we don’t know, we can’t teach our child too. As a Consequence, our children having various problems like toothache, dental caries. So everybody should know the proper and effect way to brush this valuable teeth.

Proper ways of tooth brushing!

Here are some facts about teeth with guideline of brushing your teeth:

1.Teeth should be brushed after every meal we takes. Not only meal. Even we eat any sweet material like chocolate, ice-cream etc we should brush after eating. And brushing should be within 15 minutes of end of meal because fermentation process of various food item that remains within gap of teeth start within this time.

2.It is important to choose toothbrush. The bristles of brush should not be too hard or too soft. Small headed toothbrush should be chosen for child. Back sided tongue scraper may be additional facilities with good tooth brush.

3.Take adequate amount of toothpaste. Fluorinated toothpaste is advisable.

4.Hold the bristles at 45 degree with teeth and move the brush upside-down in case of upper teeth and downside-up in case of lower teeth. Brush from both inner side and outer side of teeth. Don’t brush side to side or before-backwards. It will not remove the impacted food items from the gap of teeth.

5.Don’t do hurry. Take at least 2 minutes to brush all the teeth. Don’t brush too roughly or too forcefully, otherwise there may be laceration to gum.

6.Change your toothbrush every three month or earlier.

7.Teach your child to brush their teeth at least 3 times (3 main meal) a day. And additional time brushing after any food should be encouraged.

8.If back sided scraper present than scrap the tongue at the end of brushing.

Brush your own teeth in proper ways and habituate your children to brush their teeth timely and properly.


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