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Why choose AllPepole Video/Audio Merger Free Version
11/12/2015 5:47:41 AM
AllPepole video/audio merger through the combination of video and audio recordings, including high-definition file, various output formats into a single file added new soundtrack to your video. It can add sound to the silent video or replace existing tracks with your audio files, such as music and narration. Basic operation and settings limit your ability to customize the video and audio, but it is very suitable for fast work like a greeting card, teaching video and Internet memes, it allows you to quickly share your work. AllPepole video/audio merger is free for Windows and Mac.

As many of these programs, this program is simple and practical user interface looks like a strengthening system dialog box, but the layout of the AllPepole video/audio merging, began to output folder and file option, rather than the function of the typical add files. This makes sense, because the typical work includes multiple audio files, single or multiple video; Such AllPepole video/audio merging add narrow field of video, add audio field is a list of the view. The video output options include FLV, MP4, iPod, OGG, and many others. We set the output option, browse to the hd video, and then select some MP3 music as background music. Press the "merge" to finish the work. Our new video in our media players played very well. The quality, of course, is a hit or miss affair, but a small experiment may produce good results.

AllPepole audio/video Merger is not always smooth run on our 64 - bit systems, and "help" button, seems to be doing nothing, but the program's web site there are some links to information and support. But for fast and free video/audio merged, we complain of AllPepole video/audio merging is secondary.

Main functions:

1. The free version is a blend of audio and video files into a single video file.

2. Easy to use! Rapid transformation, button just one click! A clear interface is equipped with large icons perform all major operations.

Why did you choose AllPepole video/audio Merger free version.

Easy to use - simply click on a button;

All encoders and decoders are built-in. In needn’t install any other codecs;

Quick transformation - save your time;

Excellent digital quality;

Supports batch merger - will all of the files at a time.

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