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How to cut video simply with AllPepole video cutter
11/6/2015 3:38:36 AM
Almost everyone can shoot video, whether to use a digital camera, smartphone, or dedicated camera, but the original video is feast for the eyes. AllPepole video cutter can help you to do really cool after editing the film, which cut off and add video clips zero mass loss, the fashionable video effects and filters, add music, games, and more!

Most video serves a purpose, such as telling a story or provide information. As AllPepole video cutter, you can choose the best; Remove unwanted lens; Join the best material to the films; Add effects, graphics, music, text; Change the style of the video, the rhythm and mood.

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Powerful video cutting function

This is a common taken far scene than actual need; choose the best material for final editing. The AllPepole video cutter is easy to cutting machine can be easily cut long video files into different video part of many smaller, no quality loss. You will usually take several versions had a shot (need), and select edit one of the best. The AllPepole video cutter batch cutting machine can help you reduce the multiple video files, in batch mode at the same time.

Advanced video cutting function

The AllPepole video cutter advanced cutting machine can help you reduce the video is divided into several parts, and provides a lot of video editing function, make a great family movie, adding watermarks, add subtitles, rotate video, video cutting, brightness adjustment, filtering effect is good wait for a characteristic, and video shear. A lot of video can be simply out of defective or do not need a significant improvement. Advanced cutting machine also support delete don't want a video clip of video files.

Cutting steps are also simple:

First, click the "add file" button to add the source video files.

Second, drag the slider icon and select video to shear the start and end points.

Tip: on the left side of the slider icon control starting point and a control video right end points. At the same time, you can input nodes of the beginning and end of the exact time here to let you cut manually.

Third, click on the "cut" button, and got a preview video files in the output editing window. You can repeat the above steps, in order to produce more of the preview files.

Forth, click on the "output path" Button to define your path.

Fifth, click on "start" button, start your cutting video experience. Cutting part will be automatically saved in your predefined output path.

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