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"Non-SEO Google Slap"
10/31/2015 2:40:13 PM
Hello ALP Affiliates,

I have finally found some time to do something I have intended to do for a while now. Instead I have allowed my "political activism" get the best of me. I won't be stopping that but I will also be focusing more on marketing and our affiliate programs. Yes we have more than one here at ALP, that affiliates should be aware of: We have a Community side and a Business side and many of us have our own Branded Classified sites too. I will get into each one of these, in future posts.

But today, as I was going through emails and drinking my coffee I came across this information about Google slapping us again. Now this may be old news to some and some others as a no brainer and the most of us saying ~WTF~! frustration_avatar.gif

Just more work and frustration getting it done right! There are solutions out there and we can discuss them. First I would like to see some reactions to this info and participation from all you intelligent folks that are working from home. What are your thoughts, no solutions here just your thoughts on the current "Non-SEO Google Slap"!

Google Makes Non-Desktop SEO an Absolute Necessity

Did you catch Google's recent post on its webmaster blog regarding mobile website infrastructure and search results? I found it really interesting; Google announced changes to their algorithm which will favor sites with best-in-class mobile infrastructure; for once I don't think you'd find an SEO that begrudges the changes they are making.

Failure to fix annoying mobile experiences will now actively hinder your efforts to rank well within search results. The main emphasis of their post is this: if in doubt, connect the user to the content they want on a non-mobile page, rather than direct them to an incorrect mobile-formatted page.

For instance, having a blanket redirect to your mobile homepage when the site detects a user is on a smartphone, despite the fact they have clicked on a deep link, has now been called out as an explicit no-no (see diagram below for what not to do). To me this is a much more worthwhile innovation than Google's recent efforts to alter results based on link metrics; while quality of site content is subjective; quality of experience is not.


This post marks a change in Google's attitude towards mobile infrastructure. Best practice has always been encouraged but this new approach of developing an algorithm that heroes good mobile website infrastructure makes non-desktop SEO an absolute necessity.

It also represents a major opportunity to engage clients on optimizing their owned mobile assets; this warning from Google makes the case for brands to look again at mobile SEO even more compelling.

I have seen many agencies espousing the benefits of having a mobile SEO strategy based on creating differentiated, purely mobile experiences but it would appear to me that as device fragmentation continues, it would be better to help a brand achieve the simpler goal of making sure mobile users can access all the content desktop users can in a way that doesn't involve them throwing their phones at the wall in frustration.

Please read full article here

Then return to this thread

And share your comments and feel free to leave a comment on the site as well. Strong link back to your site when you do this the right way.

Happy Halloween!

Jim Allen III

May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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