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BREAKING: 2nd KY County Clerk Vows to NOT Issue Gay Marriage Licenses BY RUSS HE
9/7/2015 4:46:02 PM
The SCOTUS do not make our laws and the proper recourse is a special election or a change of KY Constitution.

BREAKING: 2nd KY County Clerk Vows to NOT Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

Kentucky clerk Casey Davis

When the “same-sex” marriage license issue in Kentucky surfaced, it was reported that three county clerks were refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples.

Kim Davis was the first sued and sent to jail by a radical federal judge. But now, a second County Clerk has also stated that he will not issue marriage licenses to “same-sex” couples either.

WAVE 3 News has the story:

ROWAN COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – Two clerks, one message.

Casey County Clerk, Casey Davis, vows to join his now famous colleague from Rowan County, Kim Davis.

‘I’m trying to help a woman that does not deserve to go to jail,” Casey Davis said. “This woman has done nothing wrong.”

Using vacation time, he will cross the state on a 400-mile bike trip from Pikeville to Paducah to protest against what he considers a public prosecution of a Christian. This as Kim Davis is confronted by the very people she turned away.

“Is this what you want to remember?” yelled David Moore, one of the gay men trying to get a marriage license from Kim Davis Tuesday. “That you stood up for this? That your children have to look at you and realize that you’re a bigot, and you discriminated against people?”

Kim Davis asked them to leave. She did not issue any marriage licenses even after a Supreme Court Ruling.

“You’re telling us that we don’t deserve the same rights as you do, that you have, that you’ve enjoyed your entire life?” Moore asked.

“Would you do this to an interracial couple?” he asked her.

“A man and a woman?” Kim replied. “No.”

Despite the pressure, Casey Davis says he won’t issue any same sex marriage licenses either.

“I want to be as free as they want to be,” Casey said of LGBT couples.

The couple at the center of the video inside the Rowan County Clerk’s office says the clerks are already free, just outside of their jobs.

kentucky clerk Casey Davis 2

Good for Casey Davis! He is taking a similar stand as Kim Davis has taken in her county.

May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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