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. JazLive
6/15/2015 4:55:50 AM
 I like the following link to look up words in the KJV

RE: JazLive
6/15/2015 5:22:33 AM
My Twitter Profile Networking ICON is now my ~ currently NOT active on twitter


I love to dance, too

This ain't on YouTube Y'all shaking it off

RE: JazLive Social Gamer
6/18/2015 12:29:22 PM
Three months ago, I discovered a FREE Social Game site, visit BLOG ~ JazLive for more info and my profile link.
RE: JazLive Social Gamer
6/18/2015 12:38:52 PM
My Agame Profile graphic ~ I am "JazLive" in the community.


Parking copy of "Talk" post ... just in case 'petty editor' changes it

Jan (aka) Jaz Green: 44 minutes ago

Diane this seams ONLY the BEST way to get ADMINS undivided ATTN ... Please correct June 2015 CREDIT CONTEST LINK and remove the $100 prize ... I never saw it & there is NO NEED to bother BOGDAN ~~~ KEN can tell you every thing you need to know 'bout that ... also KEN thanks for unconstipating my affilliate associated site ~SMILE~

DO NOT community msg me ... I do not need private contact ...

Jan (aka) Jaz Green: 27 minutes ago

WEEKEND video also in post

RE: JazLive BLOG
6/18/2015 5:57:24 PM
 The weebly site is EASY to create. One can also publish a store. Easy image upload from your computer. Visit my blog ... link in community signature below: JazLive

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