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A zero-cost tool for mailing without spam complaints!
2/1/2006 8:31:13 AM
Greetings... I'm so excited, I'm about to burst! I have to tell you about a brand new advertising tool I've just discovered. With this breakthrough technology, you finally get to mail your ad to people in total safety! Sound good? Well hold on to your hat, because you haven't heard the best part yet. This hot new tool is yours to use, TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE! Go now... Imagine how good it feels to know that... You never have to worry about spam complaints The programs you promote won't ban you if you use this program to promote them You never have to pay a fee to use this service You get to join 100% FREE with no tricks, secret codes or having to upgrade later (there's no sneaky pay version) You don't have to worry about your message being moved to the bulk mail file, or simply deleted before your prospect even sees it Every message sent is delivered - GUARANTEED! There's no artificial limit to the number of messages you can send You don't even have to sponsor anyone People who do refer others into this program benefit from a fabulous rewards plan that makes it well worth your while I wanted something for you that is FREE now and forever. You'll be so glad you clicked my link below and filled out the JOIN free form. Go now... This is Good Henry Hilley ??? 1-888-TOO-MANY Your "Trusted Gateway" To The Internet and Beyond! DESIGNATED DRIVER™

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