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Network Marketing Tips
1/29/2006 9:55:08 PM
Network marking is the ordinary person’s best opportunity to make extraordinary income. Well-known author, Robert Kiyosaki says ethical network marketing businesses are like business schools. They teach people the power of building their own business Find the Best Business Opportunity Believe that the business opportunity you have, is the best ever work from home based business. If you are currently in an organization that you do not believe in 110 per cent then find something else. If you are not excited to get out of bed every day and grow your business, then find another business. If you do not belief in the products you sell and are not using them, then find another business opportunity. Have a Business Vision You must have a Vision of where you want to be in 5 years time. Have written goals and plans of how and when you will attain your Vision. Read your goals and vision statement at least daily. Have both long term and short-term goals. Stay Focused There are many distractions when working from home. Have a weekly meeting with yourself. Ask yourself if you have done all you could to grow your business. If you were your employer, would you have you back again next week? Be Consistent Ensure your plan and goals are realistic. Be sure you are following your plan. Have a written list of your daily activity. If your plan is to talk to 5 people a day and you only talk to 4, then commit to talking to 6 tomorrow. Don’t finish work until you achieve your goals for that day. Do not compromise. Have Faith in Yourself Sometimes this means blind faith. Believe you will succeed and you will. Mark Hughes, the founder of our organisation, says ‘fake it until you make it’. Act as if you are already well established and wealthy. America’s leading philosopher, Jim Rohn says that you need to work harder on yourself than you do on your business and you will reach your goal. Customer Care Care more about your customer and their satisfaction than you do about the money you make. Follow up customers to ensure they are happy with the products/services you provide. Take a personal interest in them. Your excellent service and caring attitude will bring you repeat business and many referrals. Empower Your Down Line Care more about your down line that the money you make from them. Take time to know what their goals and dreams are. Concentrate on working with them to achieve their goals and build their business. This will automatically build your business… Have a Fantastic Attitude. Work at deleting negative thoughts from your mind. Change your self-talk. Use positive language. Make a commitment to yourself that you will never complain about other people. Work toward having a reputation of a person who always sees the glass as being overflowing Be respectful everyone you come in contact with. You will not make your fortune in your first week in business. Work constantly on reaching your goals. Focus on your vision, be consistent and follow your plan. Change it if it is not working. Continually improve your attitude. Remember failure is not an option.
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Re: Network Marketing Tips
2/26/2006 11:41:01 PM
Excellent tips. Thank you very much for posting.
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Re: Network Marketing Tips
2/27/2006 9:39:02 PM
Wonderful advice. Thank you. It's funny how well we know these things but may not be practicing them 100%. I always try to treat my customers like family, regardless of their personality or if they buy. You never know which lead will refer 20 of their friends to you. I'm going to read this list every day until It stays with me. Thank you again.
Re: Network Marketing Tips
3/3/2006 6:42:01 PM
Great advice, and you guys are right, too often we know this but fail to use what we know. It's the consistent daily actions that will grow you a solid business over time. It's the little day to day things. Do something each tday to grow your business and then as you talk to prospects remember to FOLLOW UP. The fortune is in the follow up always. See you at the top Diane
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Re: Network Marketing Tips
3/21/2006 7:31:07 AM
Thanks for the Tips they are great

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