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Ange McCrum
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About Me

Hello Everyone

I have been successfully marketing online for about 6 years now and the proud owner of 5 Advertising Sites

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Soner Isik - (1/17/2011 8:59:06 PM) :
Cheryl Maples - (8/27/2010 5:06:20 AM) : Happy Birthday, Ange! Have a great day! Cheryl
Michael... Clayton - (2/4/2010 5:37:12 AM) : Hi Angie nice to have you as a friend. Please visit my main forum thread and post your opportunities so many more members can get to know what you do online. Just click on forum on my profile and look for the main thread. You are also welcome to join Regards Michael
Jason Lee - (7/26/2009 7:21:38 PM) : Hi there~
I like your blog and ads and I have something cool for you here.

I want to see you succeed on the Net. I'm tired of seeing good people throw away

their money on programs that don't work as advertised. I believe... if I help

enough people get what they want... I'll get what I want. In order to provide

you with the best possible service, I am currently looking for only 5 people

that are willing to be trained using my proven marketing strategies. I will

spend my time showing you how to make more than you could ever imagine. No hype,

just fact. You must be willing to be trained and stop using methods that just

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to succeed, then call me direct... or visit my site. PaysNow


702 E. Santa Ana Blvd. #108, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA
Randy Baldwin - (4/4/2009 7:39:09 PM) : Hi Ange,

Offering you free 200 Ebooks, no cost.

Hope we can do business or help each other
to increase our Business and lives.

I have a couple of websites and try to be a contributer of most giveaways (Freebies).

Warm Regards,
Randy Baldwin
Jay Glasgow - (9/2/2008 11:37:55 AM) : Attractive young lady with a good heart
Jurgen Waibel - (7/25/2008 6:49:55 AM) : very useful bit of help offered - Thank you Angie! always looking for free advertising sites, especially for a newbie like myself.
Robert Spengler - (7/17/2008 3:25:26 PM) : Could we become friends? I am very much inteested in helping people get well and feel better. Robert Spengler bobspen
Diana Morse - (6/25/2008 12:21:34 AM) : I have seen your ads and you are a friend of mine. So far I have not been able to spend the time I would like on this site. I lost my husband recently and have just last week joined a new homebased MLM venture. I just listed it today. Will be working very hard to make it successful. My whole family is going to market this program. Diana
Eva Gutray - (6/7/2008 4:27:35 AM) : Willing to do good business, persuasive


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