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RE: Hello
7/14/2014 11:22:35 AM
Hello John, I'll check out your shopping club.... I'd rather shop online myself. Jodi likes both on and off line!

Enjoyed the conversation. I will stay in touch.
Much success and may God bless!

Warmest regards,

P.S. If you are not already a member you may want to check out IBOtoolbox- similar to Adland and it is quite popular over here!
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RE: Hello
7/15/2014 9:57:40 AM
Actually I like hitting the shops, too. But it is much more convenient to order online.

I think a healthy mix is the way to go otherwise we miss out on the shopping experience. I normally sit in a coffee shop while Uli hunts for (more) shoes.

Stay in touch, John.
Onward and upward,
John Priestley
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