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Designed to fail.
6/18/2014 12:16:40 AM

Most things in the world are not what you are led
to believe. Below is an excellent article that
highlights this. Become informed so no one can
take advantage of you any longer.

Engineered to fail: Why war, drugs, prisons, health care, debt and education are all theatrical scams designed to fail
Sunday, June 15, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) More and more people are wondering today why systems of American government and corporate enterprise don't seem to be working. The education system fails to educate, the health care system fails to create good health, and the border patrol isn't even allowed to protect the border. Why are these systems failing the American people over and over again?

The answer -- which may surprise you -- is that many systems are designed to fail from the very start.

The health care system, for example, would collapse if the American people really got healthy and started taking vitamin D, eating healthier foods, exercising regularly and taking care of their own health. So the health care system encourages "maintenance" of disease rather than preventing or curing disease. Disease "maintenance" is profitable, while disease prevention is not. That's why the health care system is designed to fail at its primary stated purpose: creating good health. If it actually succeeded, it would put itself out of business.

Systems that depend on the continuation of the very thing they claim to oppose
There are all sorts of systems in America today that depend on the continuation of the very thing they oppose in order to continue to exist. Here, I list the more obvious ones, but there are many more worthy of attention.

Each of these systems works much like a cancer tumor, incessantly seeking to expand its size by redirecting support resources to itself. In cancer, this process is called angiogenesis. In government, it's called a "budget increase," and every agency, department and group within government always seeks to grow larger and command a more lucrative budget.

To accomplish this, it must stay relevant to some enormous problem in society. If the National Cancer Institute, for example, discovered a cure for cancer and shared it with the public, the entire organization would suddenly become irrelevant and see its operating budgets collapse. It is the ongoing search for cancer -- not its cure -- that keeps the NCI in business. That's why no cure for cancer will ever be publicized... it runs counter to the very existence of the cancer industry!

The following list reveals some of the top systems in America which are designed to fail so that they can continue to remain well-funded and profitable.

As you read this list, keep in mind that the individual people working in these systems are often well-meaning, ethical individuals who are trying to do their best. They usually have little awareness, however, that the system in which they are functioning was never designed to achieve success in the first place.

#1) The Health Care System is designed to fail
As already mentioned, the health care system would collapse overnight if it actually taught people how to stay healthy and prevent disease. For every major disease now ravaging America -- cancer, heart disease, diabetes -- there already exist a multitude of natural cures and highly effective prevention strategies that are affordable, safe and effective. Yet none of these are shared with the public, and in nearly all U.S. states, doctors who even attempt to share such knowledge can be arrested, charged with crimes and have their medical licensed revoked.

Instead of teaching prevention and cures, the health care system prefers to keep people trapped in a system of never-ending medical dependence. "Health" is never the goal. The real goal is to profit as much as possible from the ongoing suffering and sickness of the population at large.

After all, the sicker the population gets, the more high-profit drugs they'll be prescribed by the very same doctors who are routinely bribed by the drug companies.

#2) The Food Production System is designed to fail to nourish the population
If American people are eating so much food, you might wonder why they are so malnourished in terms of the natural vitamins and minerals that are supposed to be present in real food.

The answer is that the U.S. food production system is intentionally designed to cause nutritional deficiencies that lead to runaway food cravings and widespread food addictions.

Processed food companies intentionally remove nearly all the important nutrients from food during manufacturing: healthy oils, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, fiber and more. What's left is a delicious but nutritionally worthless mass of heavily refined food ingredients (HFCS, sugar, white flour, etc.) which promote food addictions and ongoing hunger (i.e. repeat business).

The human body will always signal "hunger" when it is deficient in essential minerals -- the very same minerals which are intentionally removed from processed foods. That never-ending hunger leads to addictive eating habits that enrich the processed food companies. They actually depend on obese, desperate food addicts in much the same way that crack dealers depend on crack addicts for repeat business.

If the U.S. food supply were designed to nourish the population, it would consist largely of whole, nutritionally-intact foods that deliver the building blocks of good health and disease prevention.

Instead, we get Wonder Bread, Froot Loops and Skittles -- three glaring examples of a disastrously failed food supply engineered to keep people in a state of perpetual nutritional starvation even while they're eating themselves into obesity and cancer.

#3) The Prison System is designed to fail
Have you ever wondered what the purpose of the prison system really might be? It's sold to us as a "reform" system that accepts criminals and somehow magically turns them into law-abiding citizens upon their release.

Yet as Adam Kokesh rightly points out in his new book FREEDOM!, this entire idea is based on the ridiculous assumption that throwing a prisoner into an environment where he is surrounded by other criminals and gang members will make him less criminal-minded, not more.

The institution of prison, as structured today, is actually a training ground for hardened criminals. People often enter the system as small-time crooks and leave as violent, aggressive criminals with expanded skills and knowledge of how the criminal world operates.

The prison system needs this, it turns out. Many prisons are now run by for-profit corporations which use prisoners as a socially-sanctioned form of modern-day slave labor to produce products and services for profit. Every corporate-run prison must achieve a certain occupancy rate in order to remain profitable. After all, a half-empty prison isn't profitable to run, so the prisons need more criminals to stay in business.

The easiest way to ensure a high occupancy rate is to make sure that the prison itself functions as a training ground for criminals, guaranteeing "repeat business" that puts released prisoners on a return trajectory.

#4) The Education System is designed to fail
The very last thing a dictatorial society wants is a well-educated population that might achieve a high enough grasp on mathematics, history and sociology to recognize all the scams taking place around them.

If the U.S. education system taught children mathematics, no one would buy into all the rampant debt spending taking place in Washington (nor the money creation schemes of the Fed).

If the U.S. education system taught children history, no one would allow executive tyrants in Washington to destroy the Constitution and concentrate power into the hands of the few.

If the U.S. education system taught children how to think for themselves, they might begin to question the corruption and criminality of government itself, and they might vote the crooks out of office (or even stage a revolt).

As comedian George Carlin famously noted, the U.S. education system is really designed to produce only one thing: obedient workers... people who are just smart enough to run the machines and push the buttons as fast food cashiers, but who aren't bright enough to realize how they're being royally exploited, screwed and enslaved by the system.

#5) Conventional Agriculture is, will inevitably lead to mass starvation
The conventional agriculture system of mass mono-cropping based on chemical pesticides and insecticides is engineered from the start to lead to widespread crop failures and mass starvation.

The system, by its very nature, destroys top soils and kills soil microbes, making sustainable food production impossible in the long term. The use of fossil water supplies is mathematically unsustainable and will lead to Dust Bowl conditions across much of Texas, Oklahoma and the entire U.S. breadbasket.

The clear-cutting of trees along coastal areas to make way for ranching and food production causes a loss of "transpiration" of water, resulting in inland droughts and crop failures that only worsen topsoil erosion.

The very practice of monoculture -- planting the same crop in row after row with zero crop diversity -- is steeped in practices of mass poisoning with glyphosate, pesticides, herbicides and chemical soil amendments. All of these techniques are unsustainable in the long term and are effectively little more than an "open pit mining operating" of agricultural lands which will eventually produce no food at all.

On top of all this, the entire system of conventional agriculture is based on the massive use of petrochemical inputs in the form of machinery fuels, transportation fuels and chemically-derived fertilizers. Once the global supply of oil begins to dwindle, conventional agriculture as practiced today will inevitably collapse.

What's a better alternative? Permaculture. Decentralized, non-chemical food production. Click here to learn about permaculture from Geoff Lawton.

#6) The Tax System is designed to fail
The fool believes that the federal income tax is needed to raise money to fund government. This is a proven myth, as the government can simply create trillions of dollars instantly, any time it wants to bail out wealthy banks. The entire income tax could be eliminated overnight and replaced with a once-a-year money creation effort that funds the entire government.

The real purpose of the federal tax code is to control and suppress the population, making sure that middle class people never have the ability to rise up and challenge the ultra-wealthy. That's why income tax exceptions are always granted to the ultra-wealthy and the companies they own. You did know that Apple, Google, Microsoft and other corporate giants pay virtually zero taxes, didn't you?

Taxes are designed to make sure the middle class gets punished with paying 20% - 50% taxes while the ultra-wealthy -- by using legal offshore tax loopholes and complex maneuvers -- often pay just 3% or so.

It's much easier to maintain your position at the top of the money pyramid if you can enforce a punitive tax policy against the not-so-wealthy. Always remember that taxes are structured by design to punish the working poor and the middle class while protecting the money positions of the ultra-wealthy.

#7) Border Security system is designed to fail
Right now, 35,000 illegal immigrants are flooding into Texas each month. This is not a failure, this is a "success" according to Washington's real aims.

There really are people in command in Washington D.C. who wish to see America collapse into a runaway welfare state, where the vast majority of the masses are wholly dependant on government for their food, housing, unemployment checks and medical care. Once the masses are trapped in this cycle of government-dictated poverty, it is a simple matter to get all those people to vote for whichever politician offers the most handouts.

A runaway welfare state is a utopian dream for power-hungry statists who despise human freedom and dignity. And they will exploit the suffering of any number of undocumented immigrants in order to achieve their goals. That's why the borders are intentionally weakened to encourage this influx. Border Security as practiced today is intentionally designed to fail. (This is not to say, by the way, that the men and women of the Border Patrol want it this way. More than anyone, they desperately seek the funding and political support to do their jobs, but they are being stonewalled at every turn by a government which has an ulterior motive.)

#8) The Department of Defense is designed to fail at keeping the peace
There's a funny thing about "defending" America that keeps happening: The more we "defend" America by bombing other countries with drone strikes, the more they seem to hate us for some reason. When they hate us, they fight back and attack the positions that we once held (like what's happening in Iraq right now), causing yet more need for us to dispatch even more weapons to win back the land that isn't really ours but that we held at gunpoint for a very long time.

Every time a missile is launched, a bomb is dropped or a soldier is dispatched to any war zone, some corporation that manufactures missiles, bombs or Humvees earn another profit. The sound of bombs dropping on Iraq is really the ka-ching! sound of money being dumped into the bank accounts of certain U.S. weapons manufacturers.

War is big business, and war is highly profitable. At one level, I'm darned happy that the U.S. has a strong defensive military capability, because if we didn't, no doubt some foreign enemy would have already tried to overrun us by now. But at the same time, the industry of war needs constant revenues to stay in business. So the government stirs up conflict every few years or so in order to keep the weapons manufacturers raking in record profits.

The Department of Defense, in other words, isn't really interested in world peace. It's interested in ongoing conflict. That's what keeps the DoD relevant while also keeping profits flowing into the hands of weapons manufacturers and private contract companies.

At the same time, the DoD battles other war-mongering leaders of other nations where the same scam keeps them in power, too. War has a way of causing citizens to all-too-easily throw their support behind the very militant political leaders who caused the war in the first place. So global war is an ongoing, repeated scam that keeps the war mongers in power all across the globe.

Do I support a strong national defense? You bet I do. It's a necessity in a world full of truly evil regimes like North Korea. But I also recognize that war is a racket and much of the conflict we see is entirely contrived for financial or political gain.

#9) The U.S. Treasury is designed to fail
Those of you who are "in the know" are fully aware that all the money created by the Federal Reserve -- a private, non-governmental banking institution -- is borrowed by the U.S. Treasury before being given to the wealthy banks as part of so-called "quantitative easing."

Every billion dollars created and redirected in this way is one more billion dollars in debt that the U.S. population ultimately owes the private Federal Reserve.

In other words, the money supply isn't owned by the People, nor by the government which was created by the People. Nope, the money supply is owned and controlled by a private banking cartel, and every dollar created for the U.S. Treasury is a dollar in debt which will be extracted from the productivity of the American people in the future.

Now here's the really shocking part: The U.S. Treasury borrows money to make interest payments on U.S. debt. So not only does the Treasury owe trillions of dollars to debtors; it actually borrows more money from the Fed just to meet the minimum interest payments on the debt it already owes.

Because interest rates cause debts to be paid back using more money than was originally borrowed -- i.e. if you borrow $100 at a 5% interest rate, you have to pay back $105 in a year -- it is mathematically impossible for the U.S. Treasury to ever pay back its debt to the Federal Reserve.

The Treasury debt, in other words, is intentionally designed to fail and collapse, after which the private banking accounts of U.S. citizens will simply be seized as "collateral" to pay back to "debt owed" by the U.S. government. (A similar scenario already took place in Cyprus, by the way...)

#10) The War on Drugs is designed to fail
The War on Drugs has a very important purpose, but it has nothing to do with halting the trafficking of drugs. It has everything to do with empowering the DEA, enriching "on the take" corrupt law enforcement officials, and filling the for-profit prisons with cheap slave labor (as described above).

Legalizing and regulating marijuana nationwide would largely collapse the drug underground economy, de-fund drug gangs and suppress much of the drug war violence we see taking place today. But legalizing drugs would also collapse the DEA and deny all the corrupt law enforcement co-conspirators their "take" of drug profits. Just as alcohol prohibition caused alcohol distribution to be hugely profitable nearly a century ago, drug prohibition today causes drug distribution to be hugely profitable right now -- especially for those who can position themselves to be "enforcers" who control what really takes place on the street.

The ongoing War on Drugs, much like the war on cancer, is designed to be a perpetual failure so that those who claim to fight the war can always request higher "enforcement budgets." No budget is ever large enough, of course, and no expansion of secret surveillance and spying on U.S. citizens is ever sufficient, we're told. The War on Drugs gives the DEA and law enforcement a blank check to justify almost any action against innocent people, including armed raids on their homes, surveillance of their private phone calls and the monitoring of all their financial transactions.

For the record, I am strenuously opposed to abuse of recreational drugs, and I am convinced that meth in particular is destroying the very fabric of rural America. There are a great many dedicated, honest law enforcement officials who nobly fight against the scourge of such drugs every single day (and I salute them for their efforts). But how long must this continue before we realize the current approach of drug criminalization isn't working?

For us to make any real progress on the War on Drugs, drug addiction needs to be treated as a medical condition, not a criminal intent. Marijuana in particular needs to be legalized and highly regulated so that drug enforcement efforts can focus on the far more dangerous street substances like meth and heroin.

Conclusion: Don't be suckered into thinking policy failures are accidents
As you observe what's happening in the world around you, it's important to understand why the failure rate on so many institutions and policies is so high: it's because they are designed to fail from the start.

There is no real effort to cure cancer, end disease, nourish the population, reform violent criminals, educate children or pay off the national debt. All of these are designed to remain ongoing failures for political or economic purposes. Their activities are often just pure theater to maintain the illusion that they are doing something useful for society while they maintain positions of power and profit.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

Just one reason why I share this every
day with as many people as possible. A woman
had cancer that was eating holes in her face
and the roof of her mouth. She applied lavender
and frankincense essential oils and in a few
months the cancer was gone and her face looked
normal. That is priceless! You can make excuses
or you can join me. The choice is yours.


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