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Myrna Ferguson

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RE: I Love It When This Happens!
8/28/2014 12:10:23 AM
Hi Ken,

I did it once, but didn't know it was an on going thing. Thanks.
I have been getting a lot of credits as a free member. I do like the new upgrades in surfing, while it makes it so easy.

still like the hangman game the best. lol

Ken Wolff

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RE: I Love It When This Happens!
8/30/2014 4:30:16 AM
Thank you for your positive thoughts Myrna. I try to log in and surf at least enough to win the bonus credits just for being in the top 200 surfers. That is so easy to do. I did it a couple of days ago when I only surfed a handful of pages.

I love the games there too but my main focus is on the Daily Sponsor Site. Early in the new day (which is 4:00 PM Pacific) I place a low bid on the site I would like to drive traffic to. My bids always end with my favorite number "7" so if someone bids 20, I bid 27 the next higher number ending in 7. If I really want to win and I have enough credits I bid the next higher number above the latest bid at 3:59 and a few seconds. If I can tell that someone I know is bidding I do the best I can to help them win the bid.

Ken Wolff

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