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Social sharing can help your Blog posts
9/5/2013 3:08:29 PM

How does social sharing really help your blog posts?

On the Adlandpro wall a great discussion was started by Hafiz regarding sharing with your social networks.

As many of you now know, along with putting in a short "who are you" resource box under "about the author" on the Adlandpro Blogging Community, you now can add all your social profiles, so that people can know and follow you on all the different social networks that you are on.

An interesting twist to the original conversation came when Hafiz said and I am paraphrasing:
"So adding your social profile is another way of completing your profile on the main Adlandpro community."
Then Hafiz went on to say
"But I disagree ( a little) with the description. "Letting even more people read what you have written". I have written on this blog platform and probably shared that in my Facebook or other sites. So they are reading it here. [Confusion!]"

I want to share what Jim said about social sharing and how it works for Blog posts because he said it so well -

"You have posted to your blog and shared with your circles on FB and other social networks. However, if you have these social indicators turned on and I happen to like and share your posts. Well sir, your reach just increased drastically. Because now you have been exposed to my circles, and the circles of my friends that may share your article based off my recommendations. It's called leveraging and is the main tool the successful online and offline folks use to expand their reach. Now, on your blog you should have a subscription form so folks can opt-in for future updates on posts you may make in the same genre that drew their attention or likes to begin with and then these folks may and will share the new posts further increasing your social status and proof as an expert in your field."

How many of you have written a blog post or an ad ( and yes there are similarities) and waited to see people come and comment on that blog post or in the case of advertising buy your products.

The fact is to get the most out of each blog post you need to promote it as much as you can and the same goes for that awesome ad you created.

Everyone has their own methodology of promoting their blog posts so that people will see, read and come to you for even more information you are sharing.

The infographic below is a very well laid out what to promote your blog post (socially) that I hope will give you ideas on how to "extend your reach"

Promoting your post will work ONLY if you have developed a following on the different social networks and will be better received IF
  • You have a properly filled out profile
  • You are engaging with people on those platforms
  • Your post is something that those readers on the different platforms will find interesting. While I advocate sharing on the different platform, you have to be mindful of your readers and the different topics that you talk about on that particular social network. Case in point and using myself as an example. I keep Facebook targeted to my family and friends. I would not think of promoting a post about social media to my kids or friends, they have no interest in those topics.
  • You think about how your word when you share your post on the different networks. Using the same message on all networks may not be to your advantage. Always think about how you are going to share with your target audience on the different social networks. My suggestion is to write down how you want to introduce your post and change the wording so that it is "original" to the different networks. What you would say on LinkedIn is not going to be the same as Pinterest or Google+ for example.

How do you share on social networks!

A hat tip to Hafiz and Jim Allen for a great conversation!

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post [infographic] Written by Hannah Kaufman


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