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3 cash-generating program.Free !
8/20/2013 2:41:17 AM

a small program that runs in the background and producing the money.

, It is not completely finished the program but you can look for it. Preach the link.

Login to the site: rides up a bit further down on the left-hand menu

User Login

name you entered in the IPU number and password

You'll see whether we were looking for and how many are refereed.

The program is a bit slippery, expected in September To 1, but in the meantime preach the link, you can search also by


Similar to the previous one, the first member dues for 1000 will be rewarded

paypal payment, Payza, egopay


1 Sign up here -

2 You can insert a link (for example a PTC referral link) to three pages for free. Add on an additional page is 10 pages 4euro + more .... (more levels are also available)

3 Sign up here -

4 Download: Download HitLeap Viewer Application

5 Run the downloaded file (just unzip to a new folder in the Application Viewer HitLeap-t)

6 Run the Application Viewer is HitLeap

7 Add a shortened link to the MyWebsites menu (Submit website into the Traffic Exchange) and the rest of it, if you three-om. In the adding procedure is one that must be minimized slider (on the left)

8 Start the Traffic Exchange is!

9 Start the Application Viewer is HitLeap every day. In the background running a no distractions!

10th Watch your money grow as the on the payment page


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