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Elaine Groff Wolff

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My short story... a form of art that Is also a love of mine.
8/3/2013 3:23:40 AM
Adventures with Lady Picaroon.

Lady Picaroon

Once upon a time A couple "Ken and Elaine" decided to take a day off to go sailing. You see they had this lovely sailboat that had been worked on long into the summer and now it was in a Honey of a lake by the Ocean. They set out with their little girl dog "HONEY" and had their adventure.

This little lake had several islands and a Sit 'N Duck in the lake for those necessary stops. They happily sailed on their voyage to the other end of the lake and had decided to return to shore so their Honey Dog could be on land for awhile. Well now ... as they
were sailing past this little Island in the middle of the lake, suddenly
the lovely Lady Picaroon was not moving. Sadly they realized there was a shallowness near the island and the Keel was resting on the sandy floor of the lake and was not moving in the water. Oh me oh my, they were grounded!!

Ken being a resourceful Wolff tried to back out of the spot with his trusty little 6 HP motor but ... no mater how much gas he gave the motor, it did not do the job. When he put the oar to it, suddenly they were floating free. The motor was still running and the end of the Mainsail rope fell loosely into the lake as it had not been tied at that end or knotted so it would not fly loose. As Ken was backing away from the island, the motor suddenly stopped. "OH NO!" Ken exclaimed, "I wonder what happened now?" .... Well, as you may have guessed, the tail of the motor caught the rope and it wound tightly around the prop.

There they were out in the middle the beautiful Lake Siltcoos with no power, but the sail was still intact and one end of the rope was well anchored to the boat. They could have just rested there and totally enjoyed the costal scenery with the tall fir trees and the beautiful clear water. They knew they could to sail back toward their dock and so they did. As they neared their docking place they knew they would absolutely need the motor to safely arrive at shore.

Elaine was adamant that the Captain should stay with the boat and she graciously went into the water to try to unwind the rope. Brrr, the water was so cold, it took her breath away for a moment! After much pulling and pushing she partially unwound it but it was still locked in and the prop was not budging. The cold and wet was difficult to work in and Elaine was ready to give up and rest in the sailboat for awhile. But alas the lass could not get back into the boat with all of the negative angles and just a rope ladder to climb.

"Oh well", she said, "I will at least be able to try to work on getting the rope undone." And with that, she twisted on the prop and tugged some more until she successfully released the rope from its prison.

Once again the Fair Elaine attempted the climb. With some analytical thinking and a little more pulling by her and by Ken and the help of the rope that Ken had tied around Elaine. She finally wound up safely in the sailboat. The Wolff family was elated and went merrily on their way into the docking point. That evening they motored out for a night on the water and toasted each other as they celebrated their lovely yet "funny" day on the water.
The End.

Elaine Groff Wolff
Diane Bjorling

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RE: My short story... a form of art that Is also a love of mine.
8/3/2013 3:27:17 AM
what a lovely story Elaine and I love happy endings!
Hafiz 2013

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RE: My short story... a form of art that Is also a love of mine.
8/3/2013 3:36:16 AM
Nice story! But please don't mind. This story should have little larger font and few paragraph. that will be more palatable. (it is just my view, not to hurt anyone)
Myrna Ferguson

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RE: My short story... a form of art that Is also a love of mine.
8/3/2013 4:29:41 AM

Now that is a cute story. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

RE: My short story... a form of art that Is also a love of mine.
8/3/2013 5:32:43 AM
yes really nice story..yes it should be expanded bit more I feel

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