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The Reason Why The Word How Is So Dangerous?
7/27/2013 8:59:51 PM
The reason why the word how is so dangerous is because it will cause you to feel stuck. And the more you ask yourself the word how to more stuck you will be. It will take you out of action and will cause you to quit. To solve the problem do yourself a favor and ask yourself "What do I want to accomplish?" With the what being the finished product work yourself backwards to step one.

Treat it like a recepie as if you were cooking lets say Hungarian Lecho. You fry the onions then you add a spoon of sweet and hot pepper. Then you put red pepper, green pepper and yellow pepper on it. You let it fry for a little bit, until it is soft. Then add tomaotoes to it and water. Let it cook for an hour. Then you have a tasty lecho.

Now back to accomplish a task online. Doing a blog for instance. You must do first keyword research and make sure that you look for two things on google.

1. Who is looking?

2. And the competition?

Who is looking can not be below 500 people.

And the competion can not be above 20,000 people when you do keyword research.

When you find the keyword research you must then create a headline, that will be catchy. Think about the newspapers they have a catchy headline, lets say on the front page. It can be a shocking statement. Thats what attracts people. Think about the news their jobs is to spread negativity because they know people will listen. Here a shocking statement is okay and we must be careful not to offend anyone.

And another thing that is important is to have an excellent first sentence. If the first sentence does not catch a persons attention then the rest of the article, blog or video does not matter. You must have the keyword in the first part of the story and the last part of the story. That way it is likely to hit the first page of google.

A great place to find articles to rewrite is on ezine articles. You rewrite the headline in your word and each sentence by putting your words in as well as the keyword research that you have done.

Next you test it by making sure that your headline is catchy and your first sentence is catchy is well, like I said previously without a good first sentence everything else is meaningless.

This information will be worth to you only if you take action based on what you learned in this topic.

Lawrence Bergfeld
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