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7/14/2013 6:13:38 PM

If you can wrap your mind around the following two systems, I urge you to join if you are able to recruit people online. No HYPE here! These systems are working.

There are many passive income programs that tout ongoing passive income. However, the main problem has been ongoing expenses required to remain in such programs. Those expenses become like any other monthly bill and participants begin to reason that they are not making sufficient income from the program to remain in it.
If you want monthly income that will cost less than $8 per month, get your own website, build a list, and can advertise your Viral Franchise at least 15-20 minutes of work per day, then you need to join my Viral Franchise program. The program itself is self-promoting as well.

The program is designed to be NEWBIE FRIENDLY! Check it out at

I am an experienced online marketer and own over 14 domain names. However, I do not own this program and am a participant enjoying this extra stream of income each month.

I have another program that fits this bill. It's The 5DollarWonder. This program gets you a website for $50 and no further payments or you can make a $5 payment each month for your website. What do you get in return? You collect one-time $50 payments or $5 payments each month.

Just promote your website and people who join will either pay you $50 one time or $5 each month. I joined at $50 and everything I am getting far exceeds my $50 investment. Check out the website and see all that comes with this program at

I am not an arm twister. But, if I was YOU, I would take a serious look at both programs.
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