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Search the web and earn money!!
7/14/2013 2:22:57 PM
Here is the opportunity to earn money simply searching the web what we do all most all time while in front of PC.
Perk is giving this opportunity.
Perk is just a web browser like Firefox or Google chrome. You will get almost same flavor of using FF or Google chrome, in addition, you will get some real money or cool physical gift like tablet PC or something like that.
To start earning you have to just download and install perk browser. that's all. I am using this browser and not slow at all.
To start making money go to this link, download, join, install and start searching any keyword. My first search was 'diabetes' and i got one perk(one point).
You can search anything, but you should keep it mind that you will not get points for all search. So this will not be a fast way!!
Please join via this link: Go

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